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a day at the Faire

Our outing to the Faire was lots of fun! Despite getting up really early and everyone arriving early or on time we pulled out of the driveway about an hour later than I wanted to. Ahh... the best laid plans! We all looked good though, Especially Rachel and Mom in their newly finished frocks. By the time we made it to the faire we were greeted by a line of cars to get to the road that leads to the faire. Yay traffic.

We ended up with a great parking spot though (a straight shot to the exit!) and made our way into the very muddy faire to meet up with bauhausfrau and her boys. They were all fabulous looking and after some chit-chat at the White Hart we grabbed something to eat and made our way to the pirate ship for the boys to play.

We left bauhausfrau and the boys to it, did some shopping and ended up on the benches in front of the chapel (one of my favorite spots!) where L and the boys joined us again for a little while.

After they left we got down to the serious business of shopping and nibbling. Mom, Rachel and Colleen had never been to the MD Ren Faire before, Mom and Rachel having never been to a Ren Faire ever. It was fun to show them around and take them to all my favorite spots and shops. We shopped, we ate, we sat and watched the faire go by. It was Day of Wrong, which on the whole was pretty entertaining. The high Elizabethan fops were great, the Tigger dressed in crusade garb fabulous, the knights with arrows sticking out of their chests were very chivalrous and all the western wear/cowboys so adorable. I don't think I've ever seen so many spurs at a Ren Faire! *sigh* I love cowboys.

I also really enjoyed my outfit, hobbled together and unplanned as it was. I was super comfortable all day, I got complements (particularly my mini tricorn), and I had way to much fun wearing false eyelashes and tons of dark eye makeup with it. My effigy stays were wonderfully comfy and I loved having a shorter petticoat in the mud and crowds. As much as I love historical accuracy and admire those that do it so well, I've discovered I love wearing Ren fantasy best - it's just fun! So I think for next year I'm going to take the same concept but make a more properly priratey outfit. Kind of a coquettish pirate. Thinking about it I already have the fabric in the stash and everything... I just need to keep my eye out for some pirate bling like bauhausfrau's. :P

We decided, based on how packed the faire was getting and past experiences getting out of the parking lot that we would leave well before closing. We have reached our limit of fattening foods and checkbook stretching by 5pm anyway. It was late when we got home but not overly so.

So yay to a lovely day! The rest of my pics from the day can be found here.
moi costume

learning to say no

Well I've decided that as cute as I could make it and as much as I'll probably like it better once it's made up in real fabric - I simply don't want to wear an Elizabethan Jacket this weekend. So I'm not.

Part of me feels like a brat and pretty lame for not following through when I *could* get the jacket done in time but the other part is kinda proud that I'm actually following some of my costuming resolutions to neither costume in a rush, have to have "fabulous new" for every event, nor costume for what I *think* are other's expectations of my abilities.

So I'm going to wear a hobbled together "pirate wench" outfit - ie stays on the outside, petticoats and a little tricorn in the hair. I played around last night and found a combo that works nicely with my new effigy stays (which I'm dying to wear!). I feel I'm closer to "Pierette" or "Columbine" at the moment though so I'm going to run out to the party store today and see it I can "pirate" myself up a bit more. If not no big, the Pierette is kinda cute. :>

So the good news is I now have a perfectly fitted and ready to go Elizabethan Jacket pattern for my embroidered jacket project. I need to work on the embroidery design now - at the moment all I have is a rough desire for bees and Tudor roses... *rubs hands together*

pulling threads & pirates

I was such a good girl yesterday! I didn't sit in front of the TV and eat ice cream all night like I wanted to but instead worked on the Erte dress. I have all but the cotton lining cut out. The disgusting part is I have tons of fabric left over. I guess I was successful in choosing a design that was an economical use of yardage. Now I have to figure out what to do with the leftovers. maybe an everyday skirt?

The silk was so slippery that I stiffened it a bit first with some light spray starch. It made it much easier to fold and iron on grain and then cut out the pieces. To ensure the over tunic piece was on grain I actually pulled threads to find my cutting line. It's not something I do on a regular basis (being such a hassle) but I thought it was worth the extra time for this. Interestingly enough the woven pattern was not lined up with the grain. Whatever!

Tonight B and I are off to a Pirates of the Caribbean party in Richmond. We are going to watch the 1st movie, have dinner and then see the midnight showing of PotC2 with some of B's college mates. Should be fun. We are still deciding if we want to dress-up or not. I'm not in the mood for full 18th century but something casually piratey like my long black skirt and my green stays would be fun... we'll see.
moi costume

Twelfth Night 06

Another Twelfth Night party is past! Inexplicitly I’m still awake so I thought I’d bring you a few of my favorite images from the party. The rest will follow soon. Really I should be in bed but I’m not tired for some reason. The weight of a looming deadline being lifted off my shoulders and too much sugar probably has something to do with it. :>

I finished the last stitch on B’s costume at 5pm this evening (the party was at 7pm). Way too close for my comfort but it was the best I could do. I’ve come to the conclusion that this costume is cursed. No matter how much I sew, I never seem to get any closer to finishing the wretched thing. Sort of like trying to eat pasta at Olive Garden, you eat and eat but you never seem to empty your bowl.

Not to say that her costume is finished – far from it. She was cheated on and safety pinned in places. At some point her stays out-of-the-package-poly-binding with have to come off and be replaced with silk while her coat and skirt still have to be made. Since I have to mess with the stays anyway I think I’m going to alter the fit of the back and shoulder straps. They are not right and bug me. I should also adjust her petticoat, taking out some of the fullness.

Of course despite it all she managed to look stunning tonight, if I do say so myself. Her beading was lovely in the low lighting and the velvet may be a pain but it sure is pretty. *sigh* She looks so good in red. :>

The oddest thing is that after this week I’m not feeling “off” sewing at the moment. It feels so good to have gotten something accomplished from my sewing list, even if it was in a crazed, mad way. I suspect I’m more burnt-out that I think I am though so I’m going to go on a forced sewing sabbatical. I noticed my machine was making some wacky noises today. These noises have been getting worse over the past few months and I really should take my machine in to be tuned up. The tension needs to be re-adjusted and the poor little thing is long overdo for some maintenance work. *bad seamstress*

Since I will be without a machine for a while, my next project will be to get going on the quilted petticoat. It is all handwork at this point so a good project for the interim. I may use Mom’s machine a bit to finished off my ballgown (attach the sleeve flounces)and get the stays fitting squared away while it’s all fresh in my mind. Then I can work on the new silk binding. More handwork you see. :>

Oh yes this week’s pirate progress pics. Not too many I’m afraid, I was too busy just sewing to document things. The last pic was us being a little silly. Narcissa was used as a clothing rack & accessory stand much this week and after piling on a few outfits on accident we decided to add some weaponry to complete the look. This is what happens when you have too much costuming and Cold Stone ice cream combined. :>

still alive if not quite sane


Yes I’m still alive. This week has been insane with insane amounts of costuming, giggling, eating and party prep going on. Not much time for sleep, LJ entries or sanity. It’s been fun though and I’m pleased to announce that I’m almost finished with the costuming.

I will probably end up with a bit of sewing to do tomorrow (which I did not want to do) but we did push the party back over an hour than previous years so that gives me a little leeway. Also the table is set, most of the party preps done and I’ve dressed in my basic costume a dozen times this year. I’ve even done the hair style before. I’m so glad I went 18th century for the party!! :>

I better get back to my handwork. I’m still working on the stays binding, almost finished with the bottom half. The top half should go much quicker and then I have 3 eyelets and it’s done. I’m still trying to get the sleeve flounces on my sleeves (don’t know if I’ll make it) but I did get the trim on with help.

So far this has been my favorite Twelfth Night. It’s been crazed but the four of us (B, C & L) have all pitched in on finishing up each others costumes and party projects, using our strengths to their best advantage. It’s been interesting and fun.

Tomorrow is going to be such fun, no matter what happens!

and the stays progress

All the eyelets but two (the ones on the bodice for the straps which I have to mark when B tries it on) are done! Yay! The stomacher embelishment is done and I started putting on the faux lacing ribbons on. B cut the boning for the stomacher and one haf of the stays before she ran out of cable ties. A trip to home Depot is on order now. :>

I also got that panel re-cut and sew in place. I haven't pressed the seams yet, wanted to wait until the morning when I was fresh. No more crushed panels please!

Oh yes elegant_musings & co arrived today so we have been talking, laughing and stiching together non-stop. So much laughing can't be good for us! :>

It's late so I'm off to bed. I'll take some progress pics to post in the morning...

party rambles

I got a few more eyelets done on New Years and last night so I’ve finished one panel (including the shoulder strap) and have 4 done on the second.

Real life continues to get in the way and because I have so much handwork to do on these stays they are moving at a snails pace. Not good. I’m not even making lists this week because they might discourage me. I’m simply living in a parallel universe where I believe I can get everything done in time for the party! *IcandoitIcandoit* :>

On the good news front the house is clean from our New Years party, so some general picking up should suffice for TW. We’ve taste-tested some snacks at Costco that will work, so less cooking then originally planned. elegant_musings and her sis are coming today for a week’s pre-party visit so I’ll have a sewing buddy and extra hands to encourage and help. I’ve tested the Fray Check on my ball gown fabric and found a satisfactory way of cutting and sealing the sleeve flounces. If I can just find three hours before the party I can add those to my ensemble.

Anyone have some extra time I can add to my hourglass this week? :>

of shoes & sparkles

The obligatory progress pics of the day. We weren’t able to work on the costume much today (household things, errands and such got in the way) but B and I had another productive evening sewing session. B got most of the stomacher embellishment done and I worked a more eyelets. I know – we need to pick up the pace! :P

My shoes arrived today. Cute huh? :> I wasn’t quite sure if I liked them at first but after wearing them for a couple hours around the house I found they were quite comfortable. The leather actually started to mold to my feet so that they became more comfortable the longer I wore them. I still don’t know how comfortable they will be for dancing (it’s so hard to tell without the buckles or until I dance in them) but I say they are keepers. Anything has to be better than what I have now – they aren’t even comfortable for standing. I’ll have Dad help me with the buckles and wear them to dance class tomorrow night.

I did mange to work a bit on my gown today. After much fussing, I finished pinning the trimming along the neck and one sleeve. I still have to make trim for the other sleeve and then tack it all down.

I popped into Hancock’s today and picked up some sparkles for my ball gown as well. I just couldn’t stand it! :> Since I couldn’t find small (4mm) flat sequins by the packet I bought a length of trim to salvage. I even figured out a way to remove the sequins intact on their string! I’ll use them lose on the ball gown (applying them here and there along the gold trimming) but the string of small sequins gives me evil ideas for other projects. *rubs hands together* Small sequins are so cool! *grin*

eyelets & sparkles

Two eyelets down 14,002 to go! *grin* Actually it’s 26 to go, plus whatever I decide to do in front. True love either way!

B & I had a nice little sewing session this evening, I working on stays basting & eyelets and she starting on the stomacher embellishment. If you think it looks pretty now, imagine all those sparkles in candlelight. *oooh*

*pouts* I want sparkles on my costume too!

cheap velvet is evil

I hate velvet. I really do.

I was working on the pirate stays today and as I pressed the last seam I managed to completely crush one panel. So I need to re-cut (and re-baste) that panel. This velvet has been so fussy, I’ll be so glad to see the end of it. That will teach me to buy cheap acetate velvet from Wal-Mart, that’s for sure!!

I’m not up to cutting anything out tonight so I think I’ll just move on to the endless eyelets for the evening. That should keep me busy for a while! :>

Oh yes, elegant_musings and I have declared a truce on the “secret status” of the pirates. It was getting silly to continue, especially as we are not able to present the finial versions of the costumes until next Ren Faire anyway. So no more LJ cuts…