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CC27: Sunday

Saturday: my panel, drama, Historical Masquerade, the end

Sunday was nice laid back sort of day. I got dressed in a rush after the alarm didn't go off, our panel went well (or so everyone tells me). I spent the rest of the day wondering about chatting with friends, taking pics and generally being glad I waen't in the Masquerade and didn't have to iron anything. More champage, the Masquerade, the what-the-heck-just-happened sessions in hotel rooms, only a few goodbyes and to bed.

My pics can be found here: CC27: Sunday

A stealth video of Katherine getting her pic taken.

Katherine jumping.

a dress up weekend

I’m so behind on this journal - forgive me! Here are the few pics we took at the Scotchtown open house on Saturday. There are more pics floating around... I'll post them when I get them. We had a good time though. My back was really not happy that day so I took a muscle relaxer to get through the evening. It was very strange dancing while drugged. My hand-eye coordination was not great but I didn't disgrace myself too badly!

Sunday was the RCHS dinner. We ended up being the only ones dressed but we had a good time. I'm not sure what was more fun - getting dressed together, the dinner or the trip to Border's for dessert afterwards. It was fun to dress up CC style, without much regard to accuracy. B did sadievale's hair too, so talented!

More pics from the dinner can be found here:


Thanks for all the votes yesterday! I went with the sparkly. It was winning when I had to make the decision, although to be honest the deciding factor was that the embroidered had to be ironed and the sparkly didn't. So sad!

My hair came out so perfect last night too, although the picture doesn't really show it. Today it's still very curly (a la Morgan Le Faye in the TV Merlin) - and no where to go today. How sad!

I feel like if I don't do some costuming I will burst so I'm throwing self-discipline and naps to the wind today and I'm going to go sew something. Not sure what yet. I'm not even going to clean my room first... a sure sign of desperation! *hee hee*

edited to add:
Oh yes, I was called everything from a princess (apparently they are the only ones who wear diadems) to Marie Antoinette. My favorite was Queen Elizabeth - what the?!! Only my pastor guessed right. I was so proud of him, Mr. Marine and everything. He didn't even guess P&P but said S&S and everything.

Halloween is always a good reminder of just how specialized what I do is. I don't know what amazed people more that I made my dress (where would you buy THAT!) or that I was wearing a corset (my posture is so different!). Another reason to look forward to CC and other such events, where what I do is appreciated and acknowledged for what it is. And yet another reminder that you can't costume for the attention or approval of others. People will always disappoint in that regard - you have to do it for you and you alone or you won't last. *steps off soapbox*

a poll for Marianne

Still tired but it's getting better... My room is still trashed and my sewing machine still busted but I’ve been running around doing things for friends, family and church and so haven't gotten to it yet. And taking naps, which I never do normally. Proof I really am tired and not just a whimp. :>

Tonight is the Harvest Party at church. Originally I wasn’t going to go, just help with the set up, but the lady in charge heard I was good at the cake walk and she needed someone for that so she asked me. I decided I really didn't want to hang out at the house (we don't give out candy or turn on lights but the kids knock on the door anyway and it stresses me out) so I said yes. So this will be my 4th cake walk in a row. Yay. At least I get to dress up.

I'm doing Regency since it's my current favorite and it's comfy and cool. So I'll be Marianne Dashwood – at least most people will know who that is. I can't decide if I want to do the embroidered silk federal gown or the sparkly dress that goes under the Bee Robe. The train is shorter on the sparkly frock and it fits better (so less falling off the shoulders during the evening) but I don't know that I'm in the mood for sparkle and diadems. Simple white seems more Marianne to me…

So I will let you decide for me:
Poll #1080456 Marianne Dashwood

Which frock should I wear tonight?

embroidered silk gown
sparkly net gown (Bee underdress)

a weekend of holiday frivolity

Ahhh! What a crazy weekend! It worked out that I had to pack all my holiday living history events into one weekend. Friday & Saturday I was at Stratford Hall (Lighthorse Harry Lee’s home) and Sunday I was at Scotchtown (Patrick Henry’s home). I've been either sleeping, dressing, ironing, curling my hair or dancing since Friday. well I went to church and Target on Sunday but still. So. Tired. It was good fun though.

Friday we again were part of the candlelight tour and got to dance, in candlelight, in the Great Hall. I did a bit of caroling downstairs but mostly danced all night. We did Rufty Tuffty and Childgrove over and over… I didn’t mind though as Childgrove is my favorite dance ever. I wore my newly trimmed green “Polignac” gown, with new bronze petticoat. I still haven’t gotten the smell out of my extra fabric so I went sans ruffle and trim. I think it looked okay, although after seeing pics I do think it needs some kind of trim on it.

I was so happy - my hair came out wonderfully! I don’t have great pics unfortunately but it did look good, if I do say so myself. I washed, dried, hot curled and then teased it to death before pinning it back and adding feathers and a bow to embellish. Yep, it’s all my own hair, no rats or hair pieces! Once Bridget is home from school and available to take pics I’ll try to do a tutorial on the hair for you guys. Of course I may never be able to do it again… :>

Saturday night we all wore Federalist clothing so I added a wrist loop to the train and wore my Bee gown and robe. I had fun on Friday night but I had more fun Saturday, mostly because it was such fun to dance in the Federal clothing. It made such a nice change to not have all the skirts to deal with and the more comfortable stays. I think slippers are easier to dance in too. I love my period shoes but I had a hard time keeping my balance in them while dancing. I really wish there was a Jane Austen dance group in the area – I’d join in a heartbeat!

The only bad thing was on the way home I managed to spill cranberry juice all over my gown and stays. The gown came out of the wash just fine but the hemp cording has stained the stays permanently. They look like they have coffee stains all over. Oh well, I guess I just won’t be using them for show ever again. They aren’t ruined, just ugly.

Sunday was even more fun. I wore my new English gown with my red stripe petticoat and green stockings for an appropriately Christmasy outfit. I love my new dress! It fits so well and those pleats were so worth the effort! The event was good fun too. Scotchtown is not a large house so with as many as 8 couples (plus 5 musicians) we were packed tight into the hall. It made the dances very funny as we kept bumping false rumps and panniers! We definitely showed the spirit, frivolity and socializing of a country dance in a private home. We all had a blast and the guests seem to enjoy it too. We did a bit of caroling and whist playing as well, along with much laughter!

In other news, I’m all sixes and sevens with my computer. Dad and I switched computers over the weekend so I keep finding programs and files that still need to be transferred over. Simple, everyday things are suddenly very difficult which is frustrating. I’ll post more pics when I’m better settled. I’ll have to wait until I get other’s photos for more pics of me though, I’ve pretty much posted what I have. Oh well!

Costume College Report

I will try to make this the condensed version. If I gave you the whole story (or at least what I can remember now!) it would make a very fat novel. Some of it is just a blur now - I can't believe how much we managed to pack into just a few days!!

Collapse )

So lessons learned:
sleep before you come
make your costumes a little snug as you lace tighter from lack of food
go to the Gala!
bring chocolate
focus on socializing, not the classes
tea is nice (I'll skip it next time though I think)
don't expect too much from the classes so you can be pleasantly surprised by most
prepare to be addicted and want to go every year!!

just have to pack!

Thanks to the assistance of the fabulous Brooke (who got to see all the secrets *haha*) and an hours work from the best Mum in the whole world, the bee dress is good to go. I just have the hems and hook & eyes to do on the dress & robe. I'm hoping to get at least the hems done before we leave for C & L's but if not I'll take Bette (my new baby of a machine) with me and do them tonight. Hook & eyes for the layover in Dallas and I'm golden!

No matching purses and the wool will be polonaise via safety pin (again!) but really it's fine. I got everything done and I looks amazing - wait until you see!! *rubs hands together* Now if I could just shake this cough and sniff act and get everything to fit in my lugguge. :P