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dancing piccies!

A selection of pics from the 4th of July celebration on Sunday. The weather was absolutely heavenly (low 90s, 50% humidity) - it was more like a San Diego 4th of July than a Virginia one! The company was wonderful too (especially that of my sis) and the dancing very enjoyable indeed. A truly wonderful event!

B did a wonderful job as photographer - I have lots more pics to post to the RCHS website, which I will do shortly! I also have some videos to post on youtube of the day...

And some pics from the June Faire event we danced at on Father's Day. *sigh* I do love that yellow jacket! :>

the perks of living history

Do you want to see something super cool?!


Yes, it's a portrait of me, from last year's Seurat Sunday at Belmont. The artist gave it to me today. How awesome is that?! I'm so floored and honored. Not only did someone paint me but they GAVE the painting to me too. So stinking cool! Now to find a frame and place to hang it... :>

Seurat Sunday '07 was just as fun as last year. It turned out to be a lovely day, if windy. We sat and chatted, had a nice picnic lunch, sewed, read and sung to Tina and Lila's accompaniment and played a hand of whist. A wonderful Sunday in short.

Luckily I was going for the late 1780-1790s look as my curls were battered by the wind all day. It was really fun to wear the bum roll of doom and my hair extensions a la the Scarlet Pimpernel. Why are the most ridiculous styles the most fun to wear? Dispite all the pesky mistakes on this oufit (no deep point in the back still really bugs me) I do love this outfit. *sigh* It was a little chilly for a chemise gown so I don't feel too guilty about not getting it done in time. It will be fun to wear next year though.

Bridget looked a picture today - I'm so glad she came with me! Her outfit finally came together and she felt like the pretty china doll she wanted to be at the spring tea last month. We weren't off by much, I mean I didn't mess with her outfit too much in between the two events (it still isn't hemmed). Proof that a great costume is all about the finished touches (like caps and cockades), a good hair day and a good night's sleep. :>

I'll post a less Jenny-Bridget centric selection on the RCHS website soon... :>

ruffled pics

Thanks so much for all your kind compliments and well wishes. *hugs* I am feeling much, much better. Dance last night helped I think, I was so stiff all the warm ups were really good.

Today we danced for ½ hour at a local church event. It was fun to go, dance and then leave. Boom, boom and the rest of the day is yours – I love it! I had Mom take a few pics when I got home, as this is the first time I’ve worn the outfit with the trim on the skirt. I like it… if only it fit better! :P

hoops & trim

I got my Lacis order today. It all looks so cool! I can’t wait to try the tambour needle but I’m saving it for the CC class. I broke out the tambour hoop though, stuck my Bee dress on it and have been happily embroidering all evening. I was zooming along so well that I forgot myself and chatted with elegant_musings far too long. Good thing Dad recently up -ed my cell phone minutes! :P

Oh my gosh – why did I wait so long for a hoop like this!! I can see many blissful hours of embroidery in my future. The Bee is going much faster now – if only I'd gotten this sooner! Oh well.

I don’t know why I’m always amazed when things work better & more efficiently with the correct equipment, but I am. *silly Jenny* The Lacis sit-stand is now tops of my birthday list. (feel free to hint to the parents at any time) *giggle*

I finished the trim on the ruffle jacket petticoat today as well so that outfit is finished. Well maybe. I can’t decided if want to mess with the hat or not. I’m tempted to leave it, cunning plans or no, at least until last. Rounding out my CC wardrobe is would be good too. :P

Erté toiles & jacket pics

I made good progress today and here is proof! First two pics are of the first toile (after being fitted with pins) so you can get an idea of what the original pattern looked like, then the second toile and finally the third with the sari fabric pinned on for the effect.

All my guesses about what I would and would not like about this pattern (and how I would change it) were mostly right, so that was straightforward. I put the first toile together per the instructions, just to see what that was like. Definitely not the way I would have constructed the pattern. Lots of extra steps so that no seams show on the inside and the sleeves don’t have to be hemmed – whatever! So yeah, skipping all that on my frock. At least the extra steps were explained well, if that is the way you wanted to go about it.

The dress is a semi-fitted sack so the fitting was simple. In fact the easiest way to fit it (particularly at the waist) is to follow the Titanic Deck dress pleats. It’s the way the silk drapes naturally in this style. I love it when common sense is applied to fabric and costume design – it makes life easy.

I lowered the bust/waist line ¾” and lengthened the skirt 2”. I’ll lengthen it a bit more to account for the heels I’ll be wearing with this outfit. The sleeves are also shortened (so they fit without piecing – if you have the pattern you know what I am talking about). The two major changes were to split the back open for a zipper (not strictly period correct I know – sue me!) and adding the collar.

I’m not sure how I feel about the dodgy little collar at the moment. It’s okay but I’m not sure what I’d like better. I used my Rohan collar as the base and drafted it into the neckline of the last toile. I don’t know I may bring the “V” a little lower or something. I’m not used to higher necklines like that (just not my thing!) but this is a day dress so I can’t go too wild and let too much collarbone show. Mean Edwardians.

Oh yes and pics of the finished ruffled jacket. Don’t mind the wrinkles, it needs to be pressed from where I was working on it. Still haven’t gotten to the store for the ribbon for the skirt…

news from my end of the world

First - thanks to all for your kind comments on my attire this weekend. I'm so humbled by your praise - you guys are great! More pics of the event can now be found on the RCHS website on this page.

Thanks also to those of you who helped slap me upside the head on the regency stays issue. You all are absolutely correct and I've seen the error of my ways. *wicked grin* I'm going to just fix the fitting issues and wear the ugly twill with pride. :> Besides B has begun work on my bee diadem today so I'm anxious to get the dress properly started. *wink*

That is about all to report on the sewing front. I've been busy the last few days on baby quilt signatures. I've gotten quite behind the past few months. I took the step of simplifying the design further. I just don't have the time to do the more elaborate ones these days. So the signatures are smaller and simpler but still nice I think. They are hand crafted and made with love and good wishes anyway. :>

After some thought I've decided to put my Butterfly dress on hold until later in the summer. I'm just not in the mood to work on it and switching from 18th/regency and 1911 construction has proved too much for my little mind to deal with. The shapes and fitting techniques are just too different. So I'm going to focus on my bee dress and other 18th century projects for a while. If I get the butterfly done in time for Costume College than great and if not, well that's really okay with me too. I'm just not going to worry about it for a while anyway...

RCHS Spring Tea

Here are some pics from the tea today. It turned out to be a fun event. I really enjoyed having B there. Even though we didn’t spend the whole time together (having different duties) it was fun to have her be a part of it.

My jacket turned out well I think. It definitely needs more trim but I was happy to be able to wear it today and still get a good night’s sleep! The hat is my new felt hat from Williamsburg. I didn’t have time to trim it properly so B and I just stuck some feathers and cockades on it. Worked pretty well…

B turned out cute, if I do say so myself. Of course the cap and apron from Tina helped a lot. :>

Oh yes, I wore a new bum roll today. It was my experimental stuffed stocking. I cut off one leg of a pair of tights, filled it with fiberfill and safety pinned it close with ribbons at each end. It worked pretty well, a bit slippery before I got my petticoats on but no one would guess it’s not “correct”. :> It will definitely work until I can get around to amking a proper one in that style.
casa de pico


It's official!!! I'm going to California and Costume College!!

In other words I just bought the airplane tickets. :> I'm so excited, partly because they were a great price (under $200 a piece). So B and I will be flying into San Diego on Wednesday and B will drive me up to LA Thursday sometime.

I've also definitely decided to skip the fabric tour. I really want that extra day in San Diego with friends. I don't really have the money to make it worthwhile anyway. I'm still trying to decide about the fantasy tea. I'm waiting to see what classes I get and how much downtime my schedule will allow that day.

O yes, I had a wonderful time in Williamsburg. I have some goodies to share but right now I'm dreadfully behind with costumes for the tea on Saturday. I'm still sewing on trim and hooks on my jacket and haven't even started on B's bed gown. I feel another headache coming on too. I really don't have time for that you know. Wretched headaches!!

So back to the needle and thread I go…

doll & off to Williamsburg

I’ve heard back from the dollmaker I mentioned yesterday. The doll in the catalogue is 10” tall, $50 undressed but he can custom make one for me about 18” tall for a bit more. I’ve asked for an exact quote so we’ll see just how much is a bit more. :>

I’m off to Williamsburg to visit friends for a few days so I’ll try to get down to the historic area to look at the Williamsburg dolls as well as pick up a few things I need from my living history… :>

I’m looking forward to spending some time with Anna & Tom, although I have tons of sewing to do for the RCHS tea on Saturday. I was going to make that red toile dress for that but decided against it. I will now be gone 3 days this week and still have the bed gown to make for B. So I’ll be wearing my ruffled jacket. It’s practically done – only handwork left so I’ll take that down with me and work on it during our visit.

Hopefully that will be finished when we get back… if not then I might be in trouble! :> Where has May gone to anyway!!