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Who is this Jenny La Fleur?
Since the tender age of two, when I refused to wear trousers and informed my Mom every few hours that I needed to change my "diss" (dress) before going to the closet and picking out the next dress to wear, I have loved dresses, skirts, frills and girlie things. I became fascinated by historical fashion at an early age, and have been sewing historically inspired clothes and costumes for myself (and family) for over 15 years.

I enjoy many different eras of fashion but c1700-1810 is my first love. To help support my addictive fabric habit I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics and am a recent graduate of Paul Mitchell The School of Cosmetology, currently in the process of becoming a Professionally Licensed Cosmetologist. I am also the webmistress of jennylafleur.com. I have a panel member for Costume Con, as well as been a teacher at Costume College and Dress U.

The vast majority of my posts are public, so feel free to "friend" me if you wish to - no need to ask. However you may or may not be "friended" in return. It's why I keep my costuming posts public so you either way you won't miss anything good! Please know whether I add, don't add or remove your LJ to my reading list, it’s nothing personal. I'm just trying to keep my own reading list simple & manageable. I tend to become overwhelmed and slightly neurotic with a unmanageable "friend's page" to read. Nope - not a pretty picture and one to be avoided...


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