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my virtual scrapbook

Ahh... I remember the days when I enjoyed working on my website... those days are so over! I love the results but find the process so amazing tedious now. I was reminiscing with Casey the other day about those "good old days" when I would design and code websites for weeks on end. Now I'd rather be sewing or almost anything really. Not that I have that kind of time these days either...

Anyway the site is all updated with diaries, galleries and event photo albums. Most of which you, my faithful LJ readers, have already seen of course.

I do like having my site though. sadievale and her mom are creating scrapbooks of their costuming projects, with scraps of fabric and photos and pics of patterns etc. They are lovely and becoming very fun to flip through. I was beginning to lament I didn't have one too and then realized I do, it's just virtual. My website is my scrapbook and my portfolio.

I need to look at it more, more than just the quick reference when I'm working on a project. You have to know where you have been before you can appreciate where you are, and in turn realize where you want to go. I'm so glad Dad got me that original program and domain name and made me learn to code. My life is so rich because of it.

It was also a good feeling to discover this pic. I am now lacing my stays with half that gap, more at the waist. Very cool! Losing weight slow and steady has always worked best for me but sometimes it's so slow I don't see a difference. Perhaps it's time to take some new stay pics... :>
costume bother

updating the event galleries

I've been busy updating my website. It's taken me the better part of a week (working here and there as I've barely been home) but finially the event galleries are updated. I really need to be better about keeping up with this - I didn't realize how behind the section was! Of course my LJ friends have seen some of these already but there are pics in almost every gallery new to the web. I think there may be a few more pics to post but for now I've had enough - enjoy!

misc 07 - new!
rchs xmas - new!
stratford 07 - new!
birthday day tea - updated!
4th of july - new!
belmont 07 - new!
rchs spring tea 07 - new!
misc 06 - updated!
stratford 06 - new!
monroe tea 06 - updated!
costume history - updated!

Now I'm off to wrap gifts - yay! :>

website updates

I've updated my site again, this time with a link to my CC pics in the gallery plus the completed diaries for the Fire Costume and the Chemise á la Reine.

I have a few more pics to add but it's enough for now. Gone are the days I really enjoy working on my website... it's more of a chore these days. But yay for me updating it anyway! :>

pimpernel & petticoat posted!

My body clock is super messed up right now so I've decided to make it a full 2 week vacation and not worry about real life (more than I can help) until Wednesday. In the meantime I've been trying to get over the fuzzy-brain-jet-lag-thing by catching up on my friend's pages, un-packing and updating my very neglected website.

First up is the Pimpernel dress, which I apparently didn't even start a page for. It was a bit last minute of course. Anyway the page is up here, the gallery (thanks to all for sharing your pics) here. Still need to make the fonts pretty but other than that the pages are presentable...

Also posted is the series of pics I took for jennil on how to make a petticoat. Turned out to be more of how to pleat, sorry about that. Not sure if it will be any help but there you are. I seem to have lost the pics of the hemming part so I'll have to re-create that for ya, with the first bit is there for now. Petticoat by Jenny-Rose!"

In other news I'm now declaring the pimpernel finished for the time being. I had every intention of doing the orange shark-tooth trim but haven't been able to find the exact shade silk taffeta I want. There are also several things that need work on the frock as well. The lining peeks through the center front, somehow both the sleeves and the front skirt panels ended up too short. I'm also not thrilled with the fit that I see in the pics but that is my perfectionist side rearing it's ugly head.

All can be fixed with piecing and/or fitting but without an event to motivate me I really don't care at the moment. Maybe someday when there is a point to the hassle...

website updates

Been working on my website the last few days so there are now lots of updates there! Mostly updated diaries but a few extras in the Study section in an attempt to have my site better reflect the info in this LJ...

Empty Pockets - finished! My first completed project of 2007.
Candy Stays - a new project with a new diary
Costumes - updated page with new/finished diaries. Also added a pending list of projects for your veiwing pleasure. :>
Study - added new pages on boning & "the Art of the Mantua Maker"
Williamsburg snapshots - newly orgnaized and a new page from our Dec 2006 visit

The new page from Williamsburg are the pics I promised you ages ago - I'd totally forgotten about that until looking up some lj tags. Opps! :>

a place of my own

I've moved! Yes I've finally taken the plunge and bought my own domain name! *happy butt wiggle* You will now find me at jennylafleur.com. I am still working on transferring everything over so please ignore my dust and broken links for now. Hopefully everything will be up and complete within the next week...

What does this mean for you?

1. The basic site and paths are the same but the URLS for MANY of the pages have changed. If you have bookmark or a link to something here, please go find the new version of the page and update the URL. This move has given me the perfect excuse to reorganize some of the behind the scenes. My site has grown organically over the last 6 years and some of my earlier organizing/naming systems have been driving me crazy for ages. I'm sorry for the hassle but really it's for the best I promise!!

2. I will be changing links in my LJ entries slowly but surely. In other words don't trust the links earlier than this date. I'm keeping some pics and things on the old family site so this LJ won't be bare but links to actual pages will be wrong for some time.

3. All my chateauwhite emails are valid for now but look for those to change in the next month or so, once I get myself organized. I’ll make an announcement here of course…

Yay! I'm really ridiculously excited about all this!! *kermit arms*

website updates & tutorials

I've been busy updating my website the past few days. Of note to my LJ peeps would be a proper dress diary for the bleu jacket (you've seen all the info here already but still).

With B's help I added a page on how my Golden Diadem was made as well as the LONG overdue tutorial for her Elvish gown trim. It only took me what, 2 years to post that?! *slaps hand* Bad webmistress!
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offically done

I just finished sewing the eyes on the red print so it's now offically finished - yay! Thanks so much for all your comments - you are all so sweet!

I've put up a page on the dress on my website here. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the night messing about my site. The poor thing has been neglected lately. Besides I'm tired and doing feel like doing anything else.