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Not too much happening in Jennylafleur land. I've strained something or other in my neck which has been rather uncomfortable. The worst thing is that is makes it hard to drive, very inconvenient that.

Mostly I've been sitting quietly with hot and cold compresses on my neck scheming about future costuming projects. It's been fun! I've got a master list which is too l-o-n-g so I need to narrow it down to the projects I'm really determined to do before CosCol. Still working on that – I want it all!
Next up for sure is the Victorian corset (the boning was shipping yesterday - yay!) then probably my Poe dress. I'm still debating about whether I want to revamp my original Poe dress (never happy with the bodice and it needs more ruffles) or make a new one. I'm leaning towards revamp, mostly so I can get the extra bolt of leftover fabric out of the stash. We'll see...

I've also been working on the Peacock beading. I finished a 2nd panel last night - yay. Two down 6 to go!

I also did a major update to my website. All the dress diaries and event pages have been updated, some of them with pictures that never appeared on LJ. Lots of pic posting fell through the cracks right before CosCol and the Ren Faire - opps! I also posted a video tutorial I made while working on the Diva demonstrating how I made the "zig-zag trim" on it. The page is here: http://www.jennylafleur.com/study/zigzag.htm
georgian feathers

1790s Hair Tutorial

Here is my 1790s Hair Tutorial - in four parts!

Part 1 - pin-curling.
I didn't bother to explain how to pin curl - there are lots of good tutorials out there, (one of my favorites is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QmIQlK-HYA) - but you can see how I divide my hair. First into thirds, then the sides in about at my ear. The spray bottle has water in it - it makes my slightly layered ends much easier to curl on my finger!

Part 2 - intro
What you need for the style and taking out the pin curls. The silk gauze came from Dharma Trading Co.

Part 3 - styling the hair

Part 4 - decoration & things I forgot
A couple of notes and adding some decoration to the style. The product that I recommend is Enjoy Shine & Smooth.

This hairstyle was inspired by Lynn McMaster’s wrapped turban page.

done with tea

The Mother-Daughter Tea is over, I get my life back - yay!!

I think it went well, really I don't know. I was so busy coordinating & catering that I don't really know what the impact was. So far I've heard good things though. I think I can safely say a job well done. The After-Action meeting will be the test I guess.

But right now my body aches, I have some serious sleep to catch up on, my house is a mess and I have endless bins to unpack. Still I feel like my life is my own again and I can actually *gasp* costume! My pearl dress is singing it's siren's song as I type...

I've spent the evening playing games with my family, surfing the 'net and uploading videos on YouTube. The videos are from Coaching Day and Seurat Sunday, a few of my jacket, a few of Bridget and one of my chemise gown un-belted - it was just too funny not to film!

My YouTube videos
I'm feeling lazy about embedding videos so here is a boring link... I'm off to read (a fun book just 'cause I can!) and then bed...

videos & more videos

Here is a little video B took of me at the birthday tea yesterday. Apparently we are weird and they don't get many costumed parties. We were rather popular though. :> I have pics to post of our day out but later...

While posting this I realized that I never posted any of my Costume College videos - bad Jenny! I have a few more I need to get off a DVD disk but here are the best of the stealth videos anyway:


english country dance videos

Bridget took some videos at the 4th of July event so here are the two best:

This is my most favorite dance, Childgrove. Sorry for the unsteady camera, it was our first dance and B was playing with technique. :>

Another charming dance, The Young Widow.