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Christmas greetings

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." John 3:16-17

A very Merry Christmas to you all!

Of course I had meant for this greeting to inculde a little red hat on my fluffy one but well, it didn't quite work out... *winks and lifts glass* I hope you have a lovely day!


Not much on the costuming front happening these days. I have taken out all the broken stitching from the kitty toy that was my ballgown trim and started again. I've also started another quilt signature. I'm so glad I changed the stitches I used for that. The chain stitching was pretty but so time consuming. The stem & seed goes much faster.

B & I saw Narnia this afternoon. May I say wow! Great job - I thoroughly enjoyed it. I totally want Lucy's crown. I also thought the Witch's battle outfit was the coolest costume. So imaginative!

I must brag that all my Christmas shopping is done, I finished it up Wednesday. All the packages that have to be mailed are taped up and addressed too. I'll swing by the post office after my Mary Kay appointment tomorrow and post them. The Twelfth Night invites are also (finally) sealed, stamped and addressed. They will also go out tomorrow. I'd say I had holiday things pretty well in hand but I haven't even started my Christmas letter yet. SO BAD. As long as I write it before Christmas day, right? :>


I must announce that it is snowing!

In fact it has been for some time.

Not that it is sticking much and it is supposed to turn to rain later tonight... it is still snowing! :>


Oh yes, and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Yanks out there. I hope you have a lovely holiday!

it's ALIVE!!

Yes, I am still alive, my silence is due to the fact that not much costuming is happening around here. The focus has been on holiday madness, Christmas fun and attempting to catch up with real life afterwards. About the only sewing I’ve managed to do since my last entry is to sew the hook & eyes on the kimono. Very exciting.

Christmas was lovely though. It was a quiet day full of my family, amazing gifts, funny games, tons of junk food and slightly too much champagne on an empty stomach. Just what Christmas should be, right? I am so blessed that it just isn’t funny.

Bridget has been beading away on her re-vamp and it’s almost finished. The beaded edging really makes the gown. It helps blend everything together, like we meant to do this design in the first place. I have some in progress pics around here somewhere to post… I also have the research page on the kimono about ready to post, along with some other site tweaks. I should try find the time to finish that up.

I have a lot to get done for the Twelfth Night party – too much really. I don’t know where my planning went wrong but I’m rather behind at the moment. I’m not planning on getting much sleep in the next week.

The List™:
re-vamp: finish hems, sew dresses together, insert wedgies, re-attach sleeves
banners: sew lining to front, paint design, cut and sew binding, attach beading
backdrops: cut, sew & hem both sets
kimono: shorten belt???lj-raw> Oy. All that plus, shopping, baking, cleaning and decorating for the party. Oh yes and company tomorrow to see in the new year. Nope, not much sleep at all. I’m not sure how much LJing I’ll be doing either, we’ll just have to see what I have time and brain capacity for. Either way there will be a big update and lots of pictures to post after the party. *grin*

Merry Christmas one & all!

Merry Christmas!

My best wishes for a lovely, happy and blessed holiday!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." John 3:16-17


tassels and snow

After yesterday’s all day Christmas shopping and today’s social engagements I just didn’t feel up to any serious sewing. I think I left part of my brain at the mall or something.

I had just enough brain wattage tonight to post that tassel tutorial on my site. Yay! The pics came out a bit grainer than I wanted but I'm not worrying about it at the moment. They are faster to load and I can always change them later... as in after I'm a bit farther on the to-do lists.

Oh yes and it’s snowing! We have a good two inches at the moment, not bad for the old Pothole’s first snow of year. Ooh, it’s going to be hard to be productive tomorrow, with a crackling fire and shelves of good books calling! :>

Grand Illumunation, feather finds & Bohemian beads

The trip to Williamsburg was really lovely! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect (crisp and cool but not freezing) and the Grand Illumination was a lot of fun. We found a good spot in front of the Capitol for the event. The entertainment leading up to the Illumination was good (except for the local high school choir which was pathetic), lots of old carols (all of which I knew :>) and fife & drumming. The fireworks were really spectacular, I have seen very few firework displays to rival that one. The fireworks were all around the Capitol, lighting up the building and trees in an amazing way. It was a long display too and we all cheered long and hard afterwards.

We then went to the Governor’s Palace for a candlelight tour. Unlike the daytime tour we were allowed to wonder the first floor at our leisure. I tried to find a few odd corners and just take some time to soak in the atmosphere. The Palace has always been my favorite building but it was even more lovely and magical in candlelight. There was more caroling in the Palace grounds, which was great fun. The whole experience has definitely put me in “the Christmas mood” – what a great way to start off the holiday season! I am also super inspired to work on my 18th century gown to say the least!!! :>

The trip turned out to be very profitable costuming wise as well. Bridget and I spent some time in the Millinery shop and were able to ask some questions about ladies riding habits. My big spring project will be Bridget’s 2005 costume. She’s decided she wants to be a pirate this year. I’ll be basing her costume on 17th & 18th century riding costumes, so the info we learned was very helpful. We also found some great pewter buttons for her pirate coat in the Dickinson shop. Bridget fell in love with some large ones decorated with little dots. I also splurged on some smaller pewter buttons with a little scroll motif. I’ll probably use them in the shoe & hat cockades trimming my 18th century outfit. I also got a pair of red stockings for my outfit but they are going under the tree as a Christmas present. :>

I really hit the jackpot at the Bombay outlet yesterday though. I found bunches of lovely peacock feathers. They were attached to little clips in groups of three, to decorate a Christmas tree I think. Anyway I thought they would come in handy for a hat or something so I bought a few. Come to find out they were 70% off the price I thought they were, making them $.70 a bunch! That made each peacock eye less than $.25 a piece. Whee hoo! I adore peacock feathers so I bought every bunch they had. :>

My other find at Bombay were beaded tassels. They had exactly the sort of colorful, Bohemian beads I wanted for my kimono tassels. They were a great price, much cheaper than buying the beads at a craft store (if I could even find them there). I bought two tassels and took them apart the minute we got home. I’ll use the beads for both the tassels and for a bit of texture in the paisley design.

Speaking of the paisleys, I finished the “clean copy” of the basic outline last night. I’m very happy with it and I can’t wait to start testing the design. Although I have ideas of which beads go where, all that will change once I start testing. It always does. :> For sure, the center “eye” of the design is where I’ll place the Bohemian beads though.