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tale of the ugly hat

This hat project has turned out to be much easier than I thought it would be. I’ve been rather lazy about it thought, so it’s taken a while to do.

When you last saw my hat I was dampening the straw to flatten out the roughly reshaped brim and top of crown. Once everything was dry I stitched the brim with running stitches to the correct size (14” in circumference), making sure the shape stayed round (that was the tricky part!). I ended up having to add more to the inside of the brim, to match the size of my crown. I used a length of straw left over from the outside of the brim and pieced it. I dampened it again at this point and dried it under books and a sewing machine again to get it as flat as possible. I used another section of left over straw for the bottom of the crown, butting the edges together and whip stitching it in place. I then attached the finished crown to the brim with more whip stitches.

Ta da! Okay I know it’s really not that attractive but it was a cheap ugly hat to begin with and it’s a covered hat so it’s okay. I’ve included a pic of what the hat looked like originally so you can be even more impressed with my handiwork. Ooh… ahhh… *hahaha* I decided to add a little shape to the brim so I dampened it once more and left it to dry for a few hours.

I started pinning the fabric on last night. I started with the brim because I wanted to make sure I had enough fabric before I started chopping out pieces for the crown. I’ll probably just crease the fabric well, remove the pins at the crown’s base and then do the crown, pinning the brim fabric back once I’m done. I didn’t get too far with it as you can see. I was tired last night so I decided to make it an early night. I did get as far as deciding how wide the pleats should be spaced (took a few tries that did) and discovering that it’s easier to pleat the crown end first and then smooth out the fabric on the brim end. At least that is my theory so far. :>

Oh yes, I used doubled hand quilting thread and a large milliners needle for the straw stitching.


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lmcbeth From: lmcbeth Date: June 17th, 2005 09:50 am (UTC) (link)

ugly hat?

Jenny Rose,
I love the hat, dunno if you remember my email to you a few months ago regarding the other hat, the one you wore to Ren fest, was it last year! I just love the said you've mentioned working on this before, did you mention more of the process, I'd be very interested in making something like it for myself...if you're going to write up a diary on it, I'll just wait for that.

But again, I love the hat, and am very impressed :)
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: June 17th, 2005 12:54 pm (UTC) (link)

Re: ugly hat?

Thanks! Yeah, I remember that e-mail, although I didn't realize that was you. *waves* :>

I had a slight mention of the beginnings of the project in a post last week but I hadn’t gotten too far at that point. Just through the ripping out of the original crown and excess brim.

I'll probably add a diary to my site eventually but it will just be a copy and paste of this LJ info. Like I said, it really wasn’t complicated at all. I was bad about photographing this time, for which I'm sorry now. Oh well. The most complicated part was getting each piece to be evenly round, a rather hard thing when both your edges are incomplete and spiraled. :P Lots of measuring, double checking and lots of eyeballing. The lengths of extra straw that I added I just butted up together and sewed as best I could. The whole thing is amazingly sturdy, considering how poorly I sewed everything. The one advantage of cheap straw is that it is stiff I guess. :>

Thanks again!
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