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I must apologize for my lack of updates and responses to your posts. To meet my deadlines I’m trying to minimize my time online. This horrible little blue-eyed monster tends to suck me in and suddenly my day is shot! :P I’m afraid I don’t see it getting much better, at least until next week.

Despite my silence on here, I have been working on my outfit. Real life keeps getting the way so I haven’t gotten much done though. I decided to finish my stays before trying them on again (which I need to do before continuing with the petticoat). The process of reattaching the binding where I had added the extensions took forever (wretched tabs!) but I finished that up last night. So the stays are officially finished… again. :>

I went to a one-day woman’s retreat at church today that turned out to be very nice. It was lovely to get away from life for a little while, spend some time in the Word and be pampered a bit. I have a much better perspective on life and priorities now. I feel refreshed and ready for the mini sewing marathon ahead of me. I also went to a workshop to learn how to knit. I learned only the very basics but I had fun. I now have knitting needles and a whole skein of yarn to practice on for a while. I’d forgotten how relaxing the whole knitting thing was… :>
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