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Kendra's meme

1) Which part of the costuming process (from design through production through wearing) do you enjoy the most?
Design, picking out the fabrics and trims etc and wearing it for the first time with my hair up and everything

2) Which part of the costuming process (from design through production through wearing) do you wish you could pay someone else to do for you?
The last minute handwork details, especially the hem!

3) You're machine sewing. Shoe on or off?
Usually off.

4) For those of you who force a non-sewer to help you, which instruction do they find most confusing that you think should be so obvious?
Ignore that part, we are focusing on THIS. Or the whole mock-up concept. - “No this is not the finial fabric!”

5) How do you describe your costuming to non-costumers (ie family, work colleagues, etc.)?
It’s my hobby. I usually throw in a quip about it keeping me out of trouble, unless I’m in a fabric store. :>

6) If you had to choose ONE costume era to spend the rest of your life in, what would it be?
Eighteen century. One of the few periods in which I love it all.

7) Okay now, let's get specific. Gimme birth and death years (ie born in 1860, so that by the time I was 18 and going to balls I'd be wearing natural form dresses...) and place if you choose.
Born in the late 1760s so I’d be coming of age in the 1780s, married in the 1790s and raising my kids in the comfort of Empire/Regency styles. It’s such an exciting time in history too. :>

8) What is the most godawful costume you've ever made? Post pictures if you've got them.
The S&S regency gown I made. Cheap cotton, too full skirt, hem too short and when I tried to gather across the entire bust I didn’t fit the lining but gathered it too. Puffy bust to say the least. Combined with that neckline (which I’ve never really liked) it was horribly unflattering. Pics can be found here, however I’ve never posted the really bad pics. :>

9) What costume do you really really want to make, but feel like you'll never have the skill to really pull off?
The dinner dress from Titanic. *sigh*

10) What costume era suits you the most (doesn't matter if you like it)?
Probably late Victorian (bustle, belle epoch), all those hour-glass waists. Or the 1950s for the same reason.

11) What costume era would you love to wear that totally doesn't suit you?
The 1920s. I love the styles but am far too curvy to pull the look off.

12) What's the weirdest thing anyone has ever said about your costuming/you in costume?
Most people just stare. I have been asked if I’m in a play several times though.

13) What costume movie would you pay good money to have been an extra in?
Oh many choices! Probably LOTR, Titanic or P&P

14) What costume movie do you think should be put on the first rocket to the sun?
The 1940s P&P with Geer Garson. Elizabeth Bennet in 1830s full skirts and ruffles is just wrong!

15) Your house is on fire. You have time to grab family and pets, but only one piece of fabric from your stash. What is it?
The pink silk taffeta I was just given. It is the stuff dreams are made of. :>

16) An eccentric millionaire gives you money to fly anywhere in the world so that you can have pictures taken of you in costume. What specific location do you go to?
Versailles, definitely.

Oh fun meme! :>


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demode From: demode Date: April 20th, 2005 09:36 am (UTC) (link)
I think your birth and death dates may be mine as well -- spend my 20s in faaabulous 1780s, then have the comfort of Regency for pregnancy/childrearing years and be twittery dowagers in the 1820s/30s (which is such an excellent costume period for being an eccentric old lady).
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