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back on the wagon

In preparation for getting back to the whole costuming thing *heavy sigh*, I’ve updated the dress diaries on my site. I've split the Striped l'Anglaise diary into two parts.

Don't you just love it when projects and designs evolve as one goes along? While I find I prefer to make my costumes in a more "organic" way, refining plans and designs as I work and research, the process reeks havoc on my online documentation! *sigh* This outfit has morphed several times since I originally began the prep work on it in June of 2004. To keep what little sanity I have left, I've broken this dress diary into two parts, the preliminary design, toile process and draping class notes in one section and the finial design, toiles, construction and completion of the project in other section. I could not have gotten to this point without the preliminary work and mistakes I made so I didn't want to lose that info entirely but it was getting a little confusing.

I’ve also added a diary for the Quilted Petticoat, although this project is now on hold. I've been offered some period quilt tracings for inspiration so I don't want to proceed on the design until I have those in hand. I hate to put a hold on this project but I'm sure the wait will be worth it!

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