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Whew! Just finished a large update to the site. Mostly tweaking type stuff that I've been working on in my spare time for the last 6 weeks. There are a few additions and changes of note however:

Journals: I've been slowing changing to a slightly new format in the diaries, something a bit more streamlined and simpler, with less pages. All the diaries are now converted. Most of the corsets/underpinnings have their own diaries now. Some diary addys have been changed as well so my apologies for any broken links. It's all for the betterment of mankind, really. *grin*

Journals: added the re-vamp section to Elvish Blues and 12th night pics to Rose of Rohan.

Gallery: added a page on my 1910-1920 camisole to the Vintage section

Scribbings: added a new page, Elvish Banners. For now it's an archived copy of LJ entries on the subject. I may re-write it a bit so it's more of a condensed "how-we-did" at some point. Haven't decided yet.

Reel Titanic: the Titanic Doll pages have a new look

I'm feeling incredibly lazy about addng links to everything in this entry. You will find links and such on the Log page though.

Oh yes and I've added a list of my current projects and their status to my LJ profile page. It's mostly for my own reckoning. There doesn't seem a a better place to put it here or on my site...

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