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of cards & punch

{photo courtesy of Nicole}

Saturday's Card Party was all I wanted it to be - yay!

The food ended up being more work than I originally intended (this is what happens when you do things like roast a hunk of meat for your roast beef sandwiches, hand squeeze 12 cups of citrus juice for your punch and make over 100 filled pastries!) but it was worth it.

We tried some new period recipes and while they weren't all keepers it was a fun way to add adventure and period atmosphere to the evening!

I was so pleased so many people braved the snow flurries, filling the house with 21 guests! That is officially the max for my house I think. Luckily we are a friendly bunch and we were wearing small frocks.

Cards were played, food was enjoyed and there was never a pause in the conversation and laughter.

We even had Kat, who was convalescing at home, Skype in for a couple of hours - that was so fun!

{photo courtesy of Aubry}

I also learned several important things. 1) I really do have the best parents in the world. They are so generous and game to cook and prep for days with me! 2) Rumtopt is quite possibly the most fabulous drink ever. (We cracked open the crock we have been throwing fruit, sugar and rum in for months - so good!). 3) Cocktails made of punch + rumtopt + champagne is even more fabulous but it bites back. Yeah I did not take Brian's warnings to heart about the power of punch. You know that scene in Vanity Fair where Jos Sedley orders the punch at Vauxhall and laments it the next day? Well it's easy to do - beware the punch! 4) Leftover shepard’s pie is good for a punch hangover.

5) I love playing dress-up in candlelight. Seriously nothing beats it.

{Jenny-Rose Photos} - my photos of the event & my favorites from others

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I only took one stealth video but it captures the moment pretty well...

And the party from Kat's point of view on Skype...

{photo courtesy of Aubry}

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