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2005 costume list - take two - Jenny La Fleur
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2005 costume list - take two


  • pirate outfit - annual costume for the sister
  • 19-teens fancy dress costume - for Twelfth Night 2006
  • 19-teens underwear - re-fit corset, finish up slips
  • 19-teens day ensemble - I can't resist
  • red striped 18th century - at least the gown and underwear
  • slate grey 18th century - the draped pattern class gown
  • banners - for Twelfth Night... still thinking about the designs
  • short red cloak- I was given the perfect piece of wool for this


  • kimono - beading - but if I don't finish it this year, oh well
  • new Victorian corset - my old e-bay one has got to go!
  • Eowyn's white wool - for the Ren Faire... I have the perfect fabric, can I resist? :>
  • LOTR style cloak – for the Ren Faire in chilly Oct 

It's an ambitious list to be sure but I'm really motivated and have the supplies for most everything already. I have to admit I'm less motivated at the 18th century at the moment. I still want to finish those gowns this year, but they are probably on hold until the autumn (minus the work at the actual draping class in Feb that is). I want the Twelfth Night and Ren Faire outfits finished long before those events!

I will start on the teens underwear, hopefully this week. I haven't tried it on yet but I'm sure my corset is too big. I've lost at least a dress size since I made it two years ago. Unfortunately I didn't construct it in a way that is easy to alter so I'll have to take it completely apart and put it back to together again. Ah well, you live and learn. At least it's a cheap project, with no new boning or anything.

I'm still working on the sketches and fabric pics for the teens dresses. The fancy dress costume is pretty set at the moment but I'll start with the day ensemble. I'm still trying to decide on some of the particulars but I want to have that design "locked off" by the end of the month. I think it will make a good "first attempt" before tackling the more challenging fancy dress costume, even though they are two very different garments. It will at least give me a chance to perfect the hobble skirt part.

I'm really excited to see Demode's latest project - she's got some good links and such. If last year was the year of the bustle dresses, maybe this will be the year of the 19 teens. *wink*

Edit - forgot the banners and moved the kimono into "maybe", I'm just not feeling inspired about it at the moment

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