Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

working the wiggly

I worked hard yesterday, although I don't have much to show for it. Darn you wiggly fabrics!

I got the skirt and the outer layer of the foundation bodice cut out. My cream satin/damask fabric is lovely but 100% dead dino, including I suspect some rayon, and really wiggly. So that was a tedious process. Blah.

I also got the crinkle silk chiffon sleeve layer cut out, finally. At first I tried to use the old trick of ironing on spray starch to make the fabric stiffer and easier to handle but realized that not only was this fabric a pain to iron but the ironing was taking all the crinkle texture out. That made me nervous - trying to iron the crinkle out again once the piece was washed (so the layer would be the right size) didn't seem like a fun prospect. So I had to hand wash and air dry the chiffon so I could start over. It then took a lot of gentle steaming and futzing to get the chiffon to be a uniform size so I could cut out the pattern piece (part of which is on the fold). Dude! I am never buying crinkle silk chiffon again; I don't care how cool it looks!

On the good side, both of these fabrics have been in the stash for 10+ years. It feels really good to be using them (and to never have to deal with them again!)- yay!!
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