Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

my not sewing day

Well my Française sewing day today did not go as planned. After spending the morning cleaning, organizing and researching myself to a point where I could work on my petit panier I realized that I had neither the ribbon (duh that is what I needed from Walmart!) nor the hoop boning I needed. So I ordered the boning. *sigh*

Then I organized and researched myself to a point where I could start work on my Française (I don't need the pannier to start on the back pleats) when I realized that I hadn’t washed the lining fabric I bought right before Christmas. It's in the wash now. *sigh*

I suppose I could switch tacks and work on my Titanic evening dress toile but I had kind of promised myself that I won't work on it until the Française was well underway. See it's the Titanic I really want to work on (now that I have FINALLY decided what to do) but the Française that I need to wear on Feb 4th. That’s right a robe à la Française in a month. Yeah.

And now I have a headache that I think wants to be a migraine. So I think I'll just give up and play Angry Birds. Maybe if I'm feeling better later I'll stay up and ring in the New Year being productive. Or not.
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