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happy things | dec 3 & pinterest

Things that made me happy yesterday: - Dec 3
1. Getting all dolled up in my new favorite 18th century outfit and having a delightful tea with costuming friends in Annapolis.
2. Buying a Baby Lit Pride & Prejudice book for Monkey for Christmas. Is it bad that I got one for me too? :>
3. Seeing Mom's anniversary gift of a 1916 singer treadle sewing machine. They found it antiquing in Williamsburg today, a lovely thing in great condition (it had been fully restored/refurbished in 2006) for a great price. So jealous!

I don't know that it belongs in the "happy" category since it was a bit of a pain and I'm finding it less user friendly than I wanted but I did get a Pinterest account.

I decided to get over the fact that they require you to sign up thru either Twitter or Facebook. I've never had a Twitter and recently deleted my FB so I created a Twitter account which I immediately unconnected from my Pinterest. Take that Pinterest! Really the whole thing is so silly.

Also under the less-than-thrilled-with category is the fact that when you sign up for Pinterest they automatically give you random boards in your "following" section and make it super confusing to get rid of them. (You have to click on the user, then click the "follow" button, which un-follows you - seriously what idiot designed that!)

You'll find my Pinterest here if you want to follow. I've really enjoyed how Jen has been using hers to document historical garments and plan to use mine likewise. I'm also really bad about documenting where I got images from so I'm hoping this will help. I may end up with some random things there too, we'll see.
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