Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
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Just got a form letter from Etsy. Apparently I didn't follow procedure well enough in my official complaint and need to resubmit it. Apparently thoughtfully written email with links for proof and an email for contact information wasn’t enough. They need numbered bullet points and for me to say muliple times that it's my photo and I am me and I've given myself authorization to complain about this.

I have no words.

So now I get to waste some more time on this. Thanks a lot Etsy. And for what? So at best Esty can ban the seller so they can start up another shop so this can all start again. I have to ask myself why am I bothering. I mean I'm offended and upset about someone violating my property but it's not like I'm not losing any money because of her scams or anything. Why am I jumping through stupid hoops and wanting to do the right thing and protect would-be buyers from being scammed? I asked my sister this question (she was lucky enough to call my right after I got the email from Etsy) and her answer? "Because this is the person you want to be."

Good answer.
Tags: rant
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