Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
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plum jam

So what do you do when you are (finally) feeling better but not really 100% better. You know, just better enough to be bored and rather annoyed about how un-productive you still are? Why you make jam of course!

I tried my hand at my first plum jam. It's really the fault of my tree fruit vendor at the Farmer's Market. There I was innocently buying some yummy Honeycrisp apples (I adore apple season!) and there was a tub of plump dark little fruits with a sign saying "Damson Plums - great for jam!". So evil. Never mind that I've never tasted plum jam, it just sounded SO good. So I bought some.

I actually made two kinds. The first was a standard pectin added recipe, which I spiced up with some bourbon (from the local distillery). The second was a small batch, using the leftover 2 cups of fruit from the pectin batch. I just used sugar and lime juice (apparently plums have a lot of natural pectin) and added a little Cointreau for fun.

The small batch was good, a slightly citrusy thick fruit spread. The larger bourbon batch is my favorite though, nice and spreadable with an autumn feel to the flavor. It goes really nicely with the ABC sourdough with blue cheese and walnuts that I love eating this time of year so much. *sigh* I love the fall.
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