Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

the tree that didn't hit the house

Wow - what a week! First an earthquake and today a violent tropical storm felled a tree scarily close to the house!

This storm was crazy, lots of rain, heaps of thunder/lighting and 60MPH wind gusts in all directions. Mom and I were looking at the wind whip the trees about, praying that if any of them fell it won't be on the house. A few minutes later we looked back and the tree was in the yard!

God is good and no real damage (our shed's gutter and ramp are smashed but looks like the shed itself is untouched) but dude that could have been so bad... A couple of inches in one direction and our shed would have been wiped out. A foot in another direction and our deck would have been hit. If the tree hadn’t split so high up it could have easily been long enough to the hit the house. Wow.

Crossing fingers that our "luck" holds and we won't lose electricity or internet with the hurricane that is coming over the weekend...
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