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One of my favorite fairytales and Disney films I'm really excited to be finally making a Belle costume!

I've been seriously thinking about it for months and decided that if I could find the right fabrics while in LA for CosCol I would make it in 2012. I was able to find some great supplies so a project was born!

Since then I’ve been waffling about what kind of Belle ball gown to make. There are so many fun options! There is classic Disney Belle, Broadway musical Belle, historically accurate Belle, designer doll Belle... really I could go on and on.

Originally I was going to go for a classic Belle, that iconic look I've loved since I was a little girl. *gets sentimental* However as I researched I was reminded of the stubborn fact that I dislike making straight reproductions. It's just not fun for me for whatever reason.

So I settled on doing a more historically accurate (than the Disney version) version. To be a recognizable Belle all I really need is an off the shoulder bodice, a full ruched skirt, long gloves and the right gold color, right?. So what era/style to choose? 17th century (the century I generally associate with the fairytale), 18th century (the century the story was first published and what Disney seems to be going for) or mid-19th century (Belle's dress is very 1850-60s in the film and that is where the Broadway version went)? The Disney design could arguably be inspired by/interpreted into any of those silhouettes. So I pondered.

I'm still pondering actually, waffling really between the 17th century (I'm not in the mood to wear pannier again anytime soon) and the mid-19th century (Victorian corsets are so comfy and princess!). Last week i was leaning more toward the 19th but now I'm really feeling the pull of the 17th. Last night demode posted this picture from the new Three Musketeers film. Maybe I'm crazy but I thought of Belle right away when I saw it. I'm now falling in love with the idea of a Belle costume along these lines. Not that it's much more historically accurate than Disney (do not get me started on the accuracy of this film!) but I'm really loving the idea of a more 17th century vibe.

Continues to ponder...
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