Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

the line up

Since Aubry did it...

The plan:

Thursday Night (blogger meet-up): Not sure yet. I can come up with all sorts of costumes to re-wear from the closet but so many require good hair. (The disadvantage of being a hair piece rather than a wig girl.) While dressing up after a plane day isn't stressful to me trying to have good hair is. So I'm thinking probably my Titanic Kimono or a modern after five. I love to "dress up" in cocktail dresses with high heels and glitter eye shadow and I've never done that at CosCol. Besides I have a new pair of killer heels that need to be worn as much as possible…

Friday Day: Gothic Queenie dress - I never found a crown I liked but I'm still a queen. :>

Friday Night (ice cream social): Summer Bustle

Saturday Day: Green/Rust Anglaise

Saturday Night (Gala): Queen of the Night - the Peacock is in the naughty corner again but I'm having so much fun accessorizing QotN I don't even care about not wearing it this year

Sunday Day: Candy Cane Regency

Sunday Night: Liberty of London Aesthetic Dress... if I get it done. If not a modern sundress!

Still so much to do!!
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