Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

help me be a bag lady

My interweb researching skills have failed me so I'm turning to you LJ Oracle!

The Victorian picnic made it clear that I need to make a coordinating purse/reticule/bag for my 1873 Picnic Gown. I made do with a Regency reticule from my stash but it's falling apart and the black tassels it's decorated with were not working for the Picnic.

So I grabbed my favorite Civil War re-enacting days ridicule to take a pattern for a new bag when I wondered if it was really accurate for my dress (or for the CW for that matter, we were only so worried about historical accuracy in those days). I'm not having much luck researching 1860-1875 bags, except to find crocheted and knitted bags which I can't/don’t want to make and metal frame purses, which might be later 1870s (?) but are definitely out of my budget right now.

So is this old CW bag an okay shape? Is a plain fabric bag okay for this period? Help!
Tags: reticule
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