Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

reasons for the silence

Please forgive the radio silence here the past few days, I haven't been feeling well. I think I may have caught the cold that my roomie koshka_the_cat had at CosCol. Or perhaps it's just all the exhaustion and stress of the past few weeks catching up with me.

I've also been having issues with my wrists so I've been trying to stay off the computer. I really abused my wrists at CosCon, doing things I know better than to do like carrying sewing machines for long distances. Computer work, particularly typing, seems to be setting them off so the long CosCon report will have to wait a while...

I'm also taking a little hiatus from sewing. As much as I love this hobby I need a mental break from it and a time to regroup before starting my CosCol wardrobe in earnest. It will also give me a chance to do some spring cleaning, filing and organizing - I'm so behind and it's been driving me insane!
Tags: costume.con, life
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