Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

It's CosCol planning time!!

My CosCol registration book arrive today – yay!

Lots of different classes and subjects than in years passed. Lots of ones I’m interested in too, actually it’s a little overwhelming actually. The real question of the hour is do I want to take a workshop class from Janea Whitaker on Calash Bonnets. I think they are interesting but I’ve never really wanted to wear one if you know what I mean. Still it would be cool to take a class from her (for a very reasonable cost vs. the T&B classes here). I’m still pondering…

Thank goodness my class (Survival of the Fittest: fitting yourself by yourself) doesn’t conflict with any of my “I must take that class!” classes. *whew* Although some of my friend’s classes do. Moo. It’s the bad thing about having so many friends teaching this year – I want to go be the supportive friendly face that smiles back at them and cheers on my peeps but it’s going to be impossible. *sigh*
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