Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

so not cool

Seriously LJ needs to get their act together - it was down for me again all day today. According to ljstatus (a site I have been having to check way too often lately):

"We're currently experiencing heavy load. LiveJournal is currently down for most users, but should be back up shortly. Thank you very much for your patience; we know this is frustrating for all of us!(Status Updated: 6:04 pm GMT Tuesday, April 5)"

Seriously a heavy load LJ?!! Denial of Service attacks are one thing but this - so not cool!

This latest series of LJ greyouts have pushed me over the fence about having a blog-not-on-lj so voila - Jennylafleur @ Blogspot (

For now I'll be simply cross-posting my public LJ entries over there. I may put slightly different content on the two blogs from time to time, we'll see. As my favorite LJ will get updated first though. Unless it's down. Again. *grinds teeth*
Tags: lj, rant, whining
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