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breaking down the madness

total time beading: 22 hours

I slowed down on my beading since my last update, at first because I was thinking I was getting over the ick and got back to real life things and then because I was recovering from overdoing. So apparently I haven't had a little cold but the major flu and that's right I'm still sick. Better but still tired and coughing and getting better super slowly. I'm going to try to take it easy for the next few days so I can hopefully resemble something like my old self over the weekend. Which of course means lots more beading updates in your future.

I crunched some numbers last night and to finish the bodice beading before CosCon (my goal) I have to bead about 2 hours a day or 13 hours a week - minimum - between now and then. Ouch! It's do-able but no slacking or I'm screwed. If I can dedicate a couple of weekends to the cause and get ahead of that minimum then even better but I'm really going to have to knuckle down, cut out most of my TV veg time, sleep less and really focus to make the minimums.

It will be worth it though if I can get it done before CosCon and then come home from that and start straight on the garment construction. I need some time for all the accessories, handwork and additional embellishment I'm planning for the garment and I really want my CosCol wardrobe done a full week before I board that plane. That is the goal anyway. It was SO nice to be done over 24 hours ahead of time last year. I want the same feeling of having nothing to do but iron and party at CosCol again. I can do it!

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