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happy things | dec 21-22
Things that made me happy on Tuesday & Wednesday:

1. A quiet day on vacation. Truly the best sort of vacation.

2. More cheese, pate, bread and card games with the family.

3. A fabulous meal at Dudley's Farmhouse of Bourbon braised pork belly served over creamy grits and caramelized onions, antelope chops with wild mushroom risotto plus French foie gras with caramelized apples, bourbon soaked raisins, and a savory maple cream for dessert. Wow! There was also much passing of plates, laughter and glitter eye shadow worn - happy holidays indeed!

4. Catching up with a dear friend.

5. Christmas surprises - game on! *giggle*

6. News that gilded_garb has her tickets for Jan - YAY!

7. Jamaican food for dinner.

8. Sleeping in my own bed again.