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corsets & beads

I've finished the Victorian Corset last night yay! My emergency boning arrived earlier this week (thanks again vanessa_lynne - you are a lifesaver!!) but I wasn’t able to get back to the corset until yesterday.

I don't have any progress pics I'm afraid. It was a quick and dirty sort of project and honestly it went together like a dream. I would highly recommend the Laughing Moon pattern, good pattern, great directions. I could have made it in a day, barring the boning issue and such. Good to know for next time!

In other costuming news I’ve been working on my Peacock beading more diligently. It’s a handy little project to take places and work on for 10-30 minutes here and there. So I finished a second back panel and have started work on a front panel.

So 2 panels down, 6 to go. Well not really. I’m not really happy with panel #1, I’m going to take it apart and re-do it. The beads aren’t as uniform and evenly spaced as they are on the second panel I did. I also need to re-do the gold beads (that whole not-matching bead issue) and frankly it’s easier to start from scratch than to re-do those. I know I’m crazy but really if I’m going to put so many hours into something it’s worth doing right. I don’t mind it really, I was still trying to figure out things on that first panel so it was time well spent. I’m going to call I my practice run and move on.

I’m going to wait to take it apart though until I’ve done the front panels, I want to see what the bodice will look like and I don’t mind cheating a little bit. Hee. :>
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