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it all comes together

Guess who found the perfect shade of dark blue velvet for a Titanic Flying Dress at Jo-Ann’s yesterday? Not only was it the perfect shade but it was *drumroll* on sale for $3.50 a yard!!!!!!!!

Of course I bought it, despite have no real need for another costume on my to-do list this year. So bad! It’s not the highest quality velvet I’ve ever seen (it’s an acetate/nylon) but it was $3.50 a yard! So you might want to check out the “red tag” section of your local Jo-Anns for some of the value triple velvet. It is regular price $7 a yard, on sale this week 50% off. They had a couple of colors too… I hope this becomes a regular thing with JA!

So anyway I started researching last night. I had it in my head that that skirt was velvet too but no it is a coordinating silk. I was a bit discouraged since I don’t have the money to buy more silk right now when I remembered the dark blue silk taffeta I bought in the sale last year. I pulled it out and it is perfect!!!! Whoo hoo! I love it when I plan comes together!

So now I have to do some more research and decided just how screen accurate I want to be with this thing. Since I found the perfect fabrics I feel like I should be more or less screen accurate but then again I don’t necessarily enjoy slavishly following someone else’s design (I’m too independent!) so we’ll see. :>
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