Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

corset supply suggestions?

I got my second corset toile made and everything looks great so I figured out what I needed boning wise. That is when things got hard again.

So shipping prices from and Farthingales Canada put me way over budget. Not acceptable right now. Vogue Fabrics (whom I've have a good experience with in the past) has the right price on shipping but their website is being a pain. It is slower than molasses and crashes every time I try to put a busk in my shopping cart. Moo. I'm going to try again in the morning and see if it's just an internet hiccup but I'm thinking I might have to find another option.

So any great suggestion on where to by some boning and a busk without having to overpay in shipping? I found Dragontown Corset Supplies in a Google search - they have low shipping and cheaper prices than Vogue Fabrics. Has anyone ever ordered from them?
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