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showered with blessings

So yeah, sorry for the radio silence here on the Jennylafleur channel. This past Saturday was the baby shower for a dear friend. Luckily I was co-hosting it since it turned out to be a huge affair. We ended up with over 50 guests - and this was not her only shower! I kept joking that weddings are smaller than this shower. Still it was a blessing to be involved in something that held so much love - it really was a special event for a very special lady.

After months of planning (we started planning the day we found out she was expecting!) the day went off without a major hitch. The decorations came together better than I'd hoped (they were my baby), the food was super yummy (a group effort that), we were right on schedule (no mean feat with that many gifts to open!) and clean-up was a breeze. I still came home feeling like I'd been hit by a truck but it was totally worth it!

Pictures from the shower are on Flickr here:

I've been feeling under the weather since, I've got a bit of a cold now, no real surprise after pushing so hard last week. So I'm taking a few mental health days. Yesterday I basically didn't move all day, today I'm hoping to get some peacock beading done at least. We'll see. We had a storm front move in last night and I have a corresponding headache. I don't want to work on something just to have to rip it out later, ya know?
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