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a day at the faire

Our outing to the Ren Faire on Sunday was a success. We had glorious weather, which is a new experience for me! It was really lovely not to be too hot, too cold, wet or muddy. Wow! I had a good time, despite having a headache that wouldn't go away most of the day and a tummy that no longer likes Ren food. It was great to hang out with Isabella again too - I'm SO glad you could join us!

I was pleased with my dress, I need to take better pics of it though. I didn't intend it but turned out to be quite the princess dress, I think because of the color and the gold bling. Next time I wear it to the Faire I'd like to style my hair better (that was a very last minute after thought) and maybe make a pink and gold tiara or jeweled headband for it.

I'm so glad I didn't bow to practicality and sacrifice the train as it really is my favorite part. I keep it out of thw way by bustling it up with piece of ribbon, which worked brilliantly but sadly I didn't take pictures of... next time!

Mom had way too much fun with her "Snow Queen" costume too. She got lots of attention and little girls whose eyes lit up when they saw her - it was great! She has more bling to add for a Halloween party so I'll be sure to post pics of that.

All my pics from the day can be found here:
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