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I think I've changed my mind about the Hobby Lobby ribbon. After pondering for a few days I've decided that as much as I like the berry ribbon, I don't like what adding a darker element does for the frock as a whole. So I think I'm going make the sleeve plain, just with the bit of gold lace I have left at the cuffs. It's not what I want but I'm ready to be done with the project. I'm just tired of dealing with it. maybe next Ren Faire I'll mess with coming up with a better option for the sleeves, right now I don't want to bother.

The skirt is sewn onto the bodice so I today I need to hem the skirt, , sew up the sleeves and throw together an under petticoat. It's going to be a full day but I need to get all the major machine work out of the way before we leave for our mini-vacation tomorrow. I won't really have time to work on it once we get back...

In other news the big order of Peacock beads (birthday money rocks!) arrived on Saturday. The gold Czech beads aren't quite as gold as the ones I got before, this batch is more of an antiqued gold. They still go with the fabrics and everything so it's okay. I may need to redo the gold beads on the back panels though, so everything is more uniform, but we'll see.
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