Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

two steps back

I knew it was going too well!

I tried the bodice on last night to see if the wool felt interlining was worth the effort/too hot and what I discovered was that the shoulder straps were 1 3/8" too short! How the heck did that happen?

I thought, okay fine it's an easy fix I'll just piece it at the shoulder straps, not too bad. Then I realized that that would mess up the trim that runs all the way from the front along the shoulder to the back. Crap! Thank God I have that extra trim coming or I’d have to do an ugly piecing of the trim as well.

I sat down and figured out a plan for the sleeves that would leave me enough trim to redo the bodice. I think it will all work out but man that was a close one!

Oh and yes the wool is too hot. It does create a nice smooth bodice, without making me look any more "bulky" but after walking up and down the stairs a few times (looking for Mom who was outside) I was really hot. And that without a skirt, shift and sleeves. Yeah, not good.

So I removed most of the gold trim (including some I'd already sewn down), removed the interlinings and un-stitched the shoulders. I'll put the cotton twill interlining back in but I think I'll recut them so the shoulder strap is fully lined.

*sigh* So now my bodice is back to where I was last week.
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