Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

not a good week

After a two day heat wave, cooling back down for two days and rain today I was hoping my head will get over itself and the now 5 day migraine would end this morning. No luck, it's still there. Moo.

It's SO frustrating! I have things to do, people to call, life to live! I've been stuck alternately whimpering in pain & headache nausea or feeling just better enough to feel guilty for not getting anything done (the best the pain meds can do). At least I've had good company. Dad has been home since Wednesday with a stomach bug. It's been heaps of fun at Chateauwhite this week as you can imagine.

I've managed to get a tiny, tiny bit of work on the Diva done. I figured it was the best project to work on while one is miserable because really it's been a pretty miserable project. It's discouraging to take apart so much of your own work. The bodice alteration and re-sewing of the skirt, no problem. It had to be done. But the sleeves (which I am still not happy with despite the futzing - wish I had enough fabric to re-cut them!) and the trim has been painful.

I'm to the Fray Check phase which frankly I hate. This is why I never normally use the stuff, so tedious and miserable. Not a good task for a perfectionist. I have no choice this time though, unless I want to hem everything, which would be ick.


Of course I know everything seems worse to me because I'm in pain and the head isn't functioning well at the moment. I'm trying to keep things in perspective but I'm freaking out over the lost days I can't get back and the frustration that is my life at the moment.

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