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So after months of CADD and spending way too much time pulling out fabrics trying to design the perfect outfit for Friday as CosCol, inspiration finally struck yesterday! I figured out the perfect combination of what I want to wear, what I can reasonably get done in time and what I have fabric for in the stash. No small feat let me tell you! Whew!

Behold the Whipped Cream Jacket, my new outfit for the ice cream social. I'm going to make it a secret project, 'cause I feel like it. It's based on the little gathered bodice from Kyoto, made of silk organza lined in cream cotton sateen.

I'm so excited about this project, I've always loved this bodice but you hardly ever see it reproduced. It's basically a jacket version of the Gaulle, my new favorite dress. What me obsessed with gathered 18th century bodices, whatever gave you that idea? :>

This was the finial puzzle piece to my CosCol wardrobe so here it is:
Friday Day: - Ice Cream Jacket, black petticoat, Big Green Hat
Friday Night (Frilly Friday): - Whipped Cream Jacket, Pimpernel petticoat, Double Cream Turban
Saturday: - Bellini Dress
Gala: - Red Diva Anglaise, blinged out!
Sunday: - blue Gaulle
Sunday Night: - Striped Voile Drawstring Dress, with Eleanor Hat
Extra just in case: - Linen Lizzie Dress & red bonnet, Blue Print Jacket & Petticoat

So of that I have to make/finish:
Whipped Cream Jacket
Striped Voile Drawstring Dress

black petticoat - pleat, waistband & hem
Big Green Hat - decorate
Red Diva Anglaise - add bling, refit large bodice

Double Cream Turban - optional
Gainsbourgh Hat - optional
Lizzie bonnet

Last night I sat down and plotted out a schedule on my calendar and it's all doable, even with the madness of my Real Life (TM) July. I just need to be diligent to work on something a little everyday. If all goes according to plan I should even be done a few days ahead of time... we'll see! :P

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girliegirl32786 From: girliegirl32786 Date: July 4th, 2010 05:18 pm (UTC) (link)
Ooh! Pretty! We will sorta match. I'm going to wear my pink jacket with cream petticoat for the ice cream social. :)
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