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a lovely few days

I've had the loveliest couple of days! It's been crazy and complicated and HOT as Hades but it's been wonderful - I'm so sad to be back to normal life again.

Saturday I spent running around like a chicken with my head cut off preparing for my party and my guests. I left my house at 7:30pm for an 90min drive to pick up my friend's daughter. She was late getting back from her dance recital so we didn't leave Warsaw until 9:40pm. I drove another 90mins to Williamsburg where we met her Mom (who had been photographing a wedding in VA Beach all day) and spent the night in a hotel together.

The next day we got up bright and early and got to the visitor's center at 9am - I've never seen the place so empty at that time! Of course I've also never been to Williamsburg when the forecasted temperature was 105°, 110° with the heat index. I don't know what the temperature actually got to but it was definitely above 100° - man it was hot!

V, R and I had a good time though, despite the heat. We tried to be smart about it, drinking the whole backpack full of partially frozen water bottles, keeping to the shade as much as possible and taking frequent sit-down breaks to cool down a bit. It's been a while since I've been a tourist at Williamsburg and we managed to see a lot which was fun. As always my favorite spot was the Governor’s palace grounds with it's lovely gardens. I could have stayed sitting on the old ice house mound overlooking the maze all day, it was so peaceful and cool up there.

About 3:30pm we decided to call it a day so I went back to the VC with them, spent a good 20 minutes in the bookstore to cool down, said goodbye to one party and got in my car to join my next party! The costumed girls were on their way to the B&N for some iced coffees so I parked across the street and met them there. They all looked wonderful of course!

After that it was back to their hotel to lounge around and dress for dinner at the tavern. We were dressed in our rustly silks, feathers and diamonds right on time (go us!), took the hotel shuttle to the historic area and arrived at the tavern looking fabulous.

Dinner was great fun and oh so tasty. I had a fruit shrub, peanut soup, the cheese plate and shared a peppermint ice cream with girliegirl32786 for dessert - yum!

Afterwards we had a lovely stroll back to the hotel. Once we got back I managed to get into the shower first - score! :>

The next day we packed up, grabbed a quick breakfast and headed up to Fredericksburg. After a quick stop for last minute groceries and lunch at Wegman's we arrived at chez Jenny-Rose. girliegirl32786 and Nate arrived just as we were finishing our lunch and the party prep began in earnest. girliegirl32786 made the most amazing lavender scones and cucumber salad while mlsdesigns and koshka_the_cat helped me finish off the rest of the food prep.

It was still brutally hot outside, although slightly cooler and less humid than the day before, and there was a chance of thunderstorms but after a little pow-wow the vote was to risk the rain and suffer the heat to be out on the green lawn if only for a little while. I'm so glad we did that as it never did rain and the stiff breeze from the maybe storm keep us cooler than expected. Yay!

So we set up the table, plated the food and got dressed in our cool summery frocks. After a few quick photos we filled up our plates and picnicked under the trees.

By 6pm the temperature had cooled down enough to comfortably play a rousing game of badminton. That was super fun, especially koshka_the_cat's flying face plant in pursuit of the birdie. LOL! I wish we had gotten it on camera, it was a priceless moment!

After that we played speculation then went inside to paw over the extant garments isabelladangelo had brought from her collection. That was really great, I think the cream 18th century bodice was my favorite, although the 17th century beaded child's cap was really amazing too.

We also tore koshka_the_cat's and mlsdesigns's suitcases apart and pawed over their pretties before venturing back outside for sparkling lemonade toasts, party poppers and sparklers. So much fun!

Poor mlsdesigns and sadievale couldn't stay out the whole time with us because the mosquitoes liked them too well, in spite of the bug spray. So they had to watch through the patio door. Stupid bugs!

We ended up back inside for more chit-chatting and laughing. Ihe party broke up about 10pm I think and mlsdesigns, koshka_the_cat and girliegirl32786 were good enough to help me put away the food and get a load of dishes in the dishwasher. I was too tired to sleep so I stayed up until 2am with koshka_the_cat.

The next day Aubry and Nate packed up and left about 1pm (*sniff*). Soon after that K & M & I went out for lunch, made the critical stops at Starbucks & Krispy Kreme Doughnuts then spent the afternoon wandering around Fredericksburg in the car. I showed them the historical highlights and we stopped at the Fredericksburg Battlefield and the cannons at Lee’s hill for a few minutes. It was really fun, despite Megan not feeling very well towards the end. Poor thing! We had a quiet evening at home, still giggling and talking a-mile-a-minute as costumers always do when they get together.

Wednesday was equally quiet and laid back. The weather decided to mock us with an absolutely gorgeous day of low humidity and low 80s. We opened up all the windows in the house and mourned what could have been and that it waen't like that all weekend. Curse you Aquascum!!!

We ended up in my bedroom all piled on my bed, Megan flipping through my costuming books and Katherine working on her suffragette skirt. We went out to a late lunch with Mom then made our way to the airport, getting there in plenty of time for their evening flights.

Mom and I came home to a very quiet house indeed. It was really rather depressing but I was so tired (still am - feel like I have a sleep deprivation hangover!) that helped dull the pain a bit. Also I have the rallying thought of Costume College in barely a months time and all the fun to be had there. (Minus Megan though. Moo.) I have so much sewing to do for CosCol but I'm so inspired to get to it now! I love hanging out with my costuming buddies!!! *hugs*

Oh yes my new frock! I'm competly in love with my new gaulle, or chemise gown. It was so cool and comfortable and I felt amazing in it. I think I need about 5 more!

More photos from the weekend:
Jenny-Rose - UTR
Jenny-Rose - Picnic!
Katherine - UTR
Megan - UTR
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