Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

cutting day

Wow, I actually got everything accomplished I wanted to yesterday!

So the ruffles are cut and pressed and ready to be stitched, the gaulle is all cut out and the Big Green Hat (TM)'s velvet is also cut and ready to go.

Today is full of Real Life things so not too much sewing will get done but I'm hoping to get started on those ruffles at least. *looks outside* Well maybe not, it's a bit gloomy out and the commission is all black silk taffeta. Gloom/evening plus black taffeta strains my eyes quickly, even with good lighting. Something about the black plus a sheen I think. If the sun doesn't come out later perhaps I'll work on my gaulle a bit instead. I really want to work on my hat but technically I need the gaulle first. Moo.

I have my camera back so some pics of the buckram hat as is. I don't think you get a good idea of the scale in the pics. Oh well! I used quite a bit of millinery wire in this hat, since it is so oversized and I wanted a certain amount of control to shape it just so. It's also a bit of an experiment to see just how much millenary wire is needed in a large hat and how much is too much - this seemed like a good hat for experimenting on. So there is wire around the crown tip and 4 rows on the brim. I used all 18 gauge wire on this hat.

Since I'm getting all nitty-britty here, I used two layers of single buckram on this hat as well. The crown tip and brim have the two layers zig-zagged together while the crown has stitch-witchery binding the layers.
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