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checking in & natural dry cleaning
*waves* Wow five days without an LJ entry. That seems wrong somehow.

I’m not been sick, traveling, or dying, just not sewing. I felt like I needed a little break after that sinus sickness and the Ren Faire and everything. It’s given me a chance to catch up on sleep and other stuff, although I’ve felt a little lost without any sewing to do. :P

It turned out to be a lovely, warm day today so I took the opportunity to air my Rohan gown. I’d never tried using a brush instead of the dry cleaners and was pleased at how simple and effective it was. I got filthy in the process but jeans and skin are super easy to wash. :>The hem was really a mess after the Faire. (That’s the only bad thing about an autumnal Faire, it’s not dirt you drag your lovely garb through but mud.) I brushed the dried mud off the hem with a bristle cleaning brush (and my fingernails actually) and then let the wind and sun do it’s thing.

It looks good as new now – all ready to be worn to the Harvest party at church tomorrow. It even smells good. :>