Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

slight disappointment

I got my CosCol limited class packet today. I'm pretty bummed by it's contents. I got into the garment district tour but I didn't get into Mela's bonnet class (I never do! It's not fair.) and I'm wait listed for the Fly Fringe class, which was the one class in the whole syllabus I was REALLY excited about. Mreh.

I got into the Make Friends with Your Thimble but honestly I think I'm going to pass my spot on to someone else. I'm been unsure of it all along and have been leaning towards a "no" ever since I mailed my sheet. Then I see on the sheet a little note about long nails having to be cut to wear the thimble.

Now I have long nails, I like long nails. I also happen to have nails that grow very fast so they are frankly a pain to keep short. It's why I gave up playing the guitar. So cutting them for the class? No problem. Am I going to keep my nails short so I can use a thimble on a regular basis? Heck no. So why am I taking a $50 class to learn how to use one? I think I'll pass thanks.

Good news is my Saturday afternoon is free now to take some unlimited classes I kinda wanted to, like bauhaufrau's costuming for dolls. If I'd known all this would happen I would have signed up for the limited Dyeing Feathers with Kool-Aid. But then again it runs until 4pm and I've learned from experience taking a class that late on Saturday makes dressing for the gala crazier. So maybe it's all for the best.

Deep down I know the bottom line is that no matter what classes I did or didn't get into CosCol isn't about the classes. It's about the people, the comradeship, the laughter, the late night gab sessions and all the inspiration. The classes are just icing on an already amazingly delicious cake.

Okay enough rambling and escapism from the commission... back to the grind!
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