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The Era of Mrs. Vogue

Many thanks to suededsilk for posting the link to a fun article "A Perfect Sewing Weekend" from the Selfish Seamstress.

I love suededsilk's point that nobody is really "Mrs. Vogue", so why are our sewing expectations sometimes based on a perfect ideal like this? It's like expecting to be Martha Stewart when we entertain or Carrie Bradshaw when we go clothes shopping. It's not real life.

Having said that... I actually related to a lot of the steps in this story. Is that bad? :P

I don't do hems by hand (unless it's absolutely necessary!) but I am meticulous about dry ironing patterns, steam ironing the garment as it takes shape, marking hems with a yardstick and chalk as shown in the story (with the help of Mom or B or course). I even like to double check that the grain is correct after I wash yardage (which on most fabrics from Joann’s is just an exercise in frustration!) and have been known to pull threads to find the grain line, ironically I did it just today on both a toile and some linen. I have to admit I don't do that on every project now, preferring to tear fabric, but Mom made me do it on everything when I first started sewing. She made me do a lot of tedious things like that in the beginning.

I guess that is really where all of that came from. My Mom was trained in the same era as this story and much of that basic training she passed on to me. It's amazing how much of it survived the years and both of our "bad habits" now that I think about it. I forget sometimes how lucky I am that while many of my costuming skills are self taught (like draping and pattern making) I was given a solid foundation in basic garment sewing by a talented home ect major who had been taught by equally talented home ect teachers. Such things are handy skills to be able to pull out when I need them.

Umm... Maybe I should teach a class on this stuff sometime at CosCol... "Random Garment Sewing Basics from the Era of Mrs. Vogue". Hee.
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