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Jenny La Fleur

RCHS Spring Tea

Yesterday was the RCHS Spring Tea - yay for dressing up!

The fashion show this time compared three looks (day, evening, riding) from the 1760s-70s, 1780s-90s & 1800 so I wore my transitional Bellini gown to represent the middle evening look. I even sewed hooks and eyes on it this time in honor of the occasion! :P

It was great fun to wear it again (all that silk taffeta rushing when I moved!) but it is definitely too big. I tried lacing looser than usual so it won't be so oblivious but that just made me uncomfortable while sitting. Getting smaller is nicebut really the having to alter things is getting slightly annoying. Moo.

My hair turned out perfect though and since it was such a lovely May day outside I had Daddy take some pics on the lawn when I got home.

After I changed into mundanes I didn't really want to take my hair down so I pinned up all the flowing curls on the bottom to make it a little more modern. The result was a darling little Regency up-do - I like it! I'll have to remember that for next Regency event I do...

Oh yes and a little video to show how my round gown works:
edited to add:
For some reason this vidoe doesn't want to load today, I've tried three times now. I'll give it another go tomorrow!
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