Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

a LOTR up-do

Here are some step by step pics of how Bridget styled my hair for the Faire. The style was based on the up-do Eowyn wears during the funeral sequence in The Two Towers.

After I had blow dried and hot curled my hair, Bridget parted my hair slightly off center. She then gathered two front sections towards the back and knotted them together. (Literally tying the hair in knots, secured at the end with a rubber band). She used this as a base for the style. she brought the fake hair piece through the top of this base and pinned in place. She then sectioned my hair and the fake hair into 3 or four pieces. Using the fake hair as a base, she wrapped my hair around and then twisted each section to form a loop that was pinned to the base. She did this with each section, sculpting the twists with her fingers and hair pins as she went to get the right shape. After tiara was placed at on top of the base and lots of hair spray was applied I was ready to go! Thanks sis - your the best!

That explanation was probably more confusing than helpful. Oh well, that is what the pics are for! Oh yes, the hair blend looked much better in the natural lighting!

Tags: cosmetology, hair, z:archive:lotr:rohan

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