Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

lastest madness

LOL! I was just about to post saying I'm insane and just now starting an outfit for Saturday when I saw on my friend's list I'm not the only one! Is it any wonder we are all friends? :>

Anyway I really WAS going to be a good girl and wear something from the closet but I really want something spiffy for the Farm. That was really just the finial nail in the coffin I have to say though. koshka_the_catrecently sent me the leftover taffeta from her Robe de Style so that's been burning a hole in my CADD pocket, so to speak. Then I heard news last night there is going to be a 18th Century Ice Cream Social at Costume College... no idea what that is or if I'm going to go but I have the perfect fabric and frosting hat for it! My plan will also work wonderfully for Frilly Friday - I mean how can I not?

So here I am, giving in to the CADD. What can I say... Resistance is Futile.
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