Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

happy happy

YEEEESSSSS!!!!! My Peacock dress decided to play nice and the toileing is all done! Can you believe it... I can't. No sleeve drama, less than 75 toiles, barely any drama. It's a miracle I tell you! See this frock was meant to be.

The underdress was pretty much just sewing up all the pins and markings from the fitting last night. Somehow I ended up with some fullness in the center front of the bodice but since it's not going to show anyway I just gathered it and eased it in. I kinda like it... I may even add some gathering on the top to the net overlay.

The beaded bodice was based on the underdress bodice and went together without any fuss. I love working with sleeveless garments!

Now to work on the finial beading design so I can order me some beads! :>

*happy happy dance*
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