Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

mini update is back up. I had to pay an exorbitant amount of money (that I didn't really have *sigh*) to fix it but it is back up. I don't feel like going into it now but let's just say Powweb went from a very happy customer to an extremely unhappy soon-to-be-former customer.

In brighter news we are finally getting some spring weather, which apart from making me a little homesick for my beloved San Diego is so nice! I love sunshine I really do.

I'm still haunting the mailbox awaiting my Shipwreck Bead order. Finished up my sketches for the Gala dress though and will post about the project later today. In the meantime I have some errands to run and some commissions that need attention...
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