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1790s Hair Tutorial

Here is my 1790s Hair Tutorial - in four parts!

Part 1 - pin-curling.
I didn't bother to explain how to pin curl - there are lots of good tutorials out there, (one of my favorites is here: - but you can see how I divide my hair. First into thirds, then the sides in about at my ear. The spray bottle has water in it - it makes my slightly layered ends much easier to curl on my finger!

Part 2 - intro
What you need for the style and taking out the pin curls. The silk gauze came from Dharma Trading Co.

Part 3 - styling the hair

Part 4 - decoration & things I forgot
A couple of notes and adding some decoration to the style. The product that I recommend is Enjoy Shine & Smooth.

This hairstyle was inspired by Lynn McMaster’s wrapped turban page.

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jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: February 25th, 2010 04:10 am (UTC) (link)
You are most welcome!
bellamissella From: bellamissella Date: February 24th, 2010 10:57 pm (UTC) (link)
Thanks! What a great tutorial, I'll def. use it! Fabulous job!
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: February 25th, 2010 04:11 am (UTC) (link)
I'm so glad you found it helpful!
sarahbellem From: sarahbellem Date: February 25th, 2010 12:13 am (UTC) (link)
Awesome! Thank you for sharing it with us! :)

Also, I was forced to watch with the sound off, so maybe you answered this question in one of the tutorials, but I was curious how long you had to wait for your hair to dry. I usually have to let it set for HOURS to get the curls to stay, and that usually results in sleeping in the pin curls, which wind up looking nowhere near as nice as yours. ;)
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: February 25th, 2010 04:15 am (UTC) (link)
I let it dry overnight. Anything less than 4 hours and the curls don't stay for me either (and I start with damp hair) so yeah, I sleep in my pin curls. I'm afraid I don't have any magic tips for keeping them nice, I don't even use a scarf or anything.
padawansguide From: padawansguide Date: February 25th, 2010 02:17 am (UTC) (link)
Oh, very cool! I'll have to bookmark this!
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: February 25th, 2010 04:15 am (UTC) (link)
I'm glad you like it!
anielmom From: anielmom Date: February 25th, 2010 05:19 am (UTC) (link)
Awesome, with awesomesauce on top! A style I'd wear any day! Thanks for posting this.
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: February 25th, 2010 01:59 pm (UTC) (link)
Thanks! It is a fun style - I love wearing it!
isiswardrobe From: isiswardrobe Date: February 25th, 2010 07:51 am (UTC) (link)
Awesome! Mind if I pimp it at The Historical Sewing Forum?
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: February 25th, 2010 02:00 pm (UTC) (link)
Of course if you'd like to! I'm very flattered!
mlsdesigns From: mlsdesigns Date: February 25th, 2010 11:12 am (UTC) (link)
That's awesome! Thank you for sharing with us, and you're such a natural in front of the camera :)
jennylafleur From: jennylafleur Date: February 25th, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC) (link)
Thanks! It's all those Mary Kay parties... :>
blackcat452 From: blackcat452 Date: February 25th, 2010 04:15 pm (UTC) (link)
That style is lovely, thank you for sharing!
girliegirl32786 From: girliegirl32786 Date: February 26th, 2010 03:38 am (UTC) (link)
I love that I've see you do all this in person. ;)
vanityfairy From: vanityfairy Date: February 26th, 2010 09:15 am (UTC) (link)
We love you!!
gillyfleur From: gillyfleur Date: February 27th, 2010 06:53 pm (UTC) (link)
Iv'e just spent the loveliest, happiest, scrummiest most self indulgent hour (no that's a fib, how can such an education be an indulgence of any kind) reading your articles. I loved them and please can i visit again?
Thank You for sharing .....
renzys_frenzy From: renzys_frenzy Date: March 1st, 2010 06:20 pm (UTC) (link)
That was awesome! I am heading to a ball at the end of the month and this is the time that I am portraying. I was gonna wing it before you put this up. Thank you so much! You are amazing and your hair looks smashing!
From: (Anonymous) Date: April 20th, 2010 12:12 am (UTC) (link)
love it!!! i went to a ball this past weekend wearing my 1790s dress, and i was super happy to find your tutorial!!
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