Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

the proud owner of bright green stays

The stays are finished! Woo hoo! You are reading the entry of a very happy little girl. I finally a pair of 18th century stays! I’ve only been wanting to make/wear some for 5 years or so. :>

The binding is the pre-packaged single fold bias tape you find at Jo Anns. I'm too lazy to make my own and this was just laying around the house longing to be used. The ribbon at the straps is some 7mm silk ribbon I found in my old ribbon embroidery stash. *sigh* I love silk ribbons. I’m not sure when I will have “official” pics of me wearing the finished stays. Maybe when I wear them for my next fitting. Or I may wait until I actually dress up in the outfit, whenever that is. Pics with the proper shift and my hair done sound worth waiting for. Well, here are pics on Narcissa for now…

Oh yes and some pics from yesterday evening of the binding pinned on. Ouch! I tried to be careful but I do have scratches on my hands, arms and legs from all those pins. *overly dramatic sigh* How I suffer for my art!

*much giggling*
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