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on a roll!

Man I was on a roll today! It’s hard not to be highly motivated about the project after a weekend watching L’Anglaise et le Duc and chatting about costumes with elegant_musings I guess. :>


I actually stitched on the binding last night. I stayed up way too late but I did finish it. Today I sewed on the waistband and gave the pocket a good pressing. So that means the pocket is all finished. *throws confetti*. Yay, the first thing checked of the list…

false rump:

Ah yes, the rump. I needed to take some of the stuffing out but I didn’t want to mess with the waistband (which had been done by hand). So, I worked from the other end. I used a seam ripper to make a 2-3” hole in the bottom seam. I then removed what turned out to be quite a bit of stuffing. When I originally stuffed the rump, I was going on the assumption that the originals, made of cork, would have been tightly packed. They obviously weren’t using the Wingeo pattern.

Eventually I managed to get the rump to a size I’m happy with. It’s so hard to tell without having the stays and gown on and everything. I basted up the holes I’d made, in case I need to tweak it later on. For now though, the rump is also complete and off my “to-do” list. *throws more confetti*


I also worked on the stays today. First I measured the overlap on the sleeves and trimmed. I then pinned and stitched the top half of the binding, again using a stab stitch. I’m really into that stitch now. I just have the sleeve eyelets and the bottom binding to go… almost there! :>
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